Prestige Clean Home

During monsoons, cleanliness concerns distress you more. You have guests coming over and kids running around bringing in the muddy footprints all the way into your kitchen, carpets bedroom and everywhere they are not supposed to. In contrast to the euphoric feelings this season brings along, it also takes a toll on your homely chores.
We acknowledge the hassle you as a homemaker you are subjected to, to make your house a livable and a loveable home. That’s why we have channelled our endeavours to make it easy for you so that you find some ‘me time’ for yourself without having to worry about the hygiene of your family.
Now you do not have to worry about the dirty footprints on the floor as the new Prestige Floor Polisher does it for you. Prestige Clean Home Floor Polisher is the professional way to achieve top quality finish for hard floor. This Powered machine cleans, scrubs and also polishes with its twin contra-rotating discs like a pro.
That isn’t all keeping your bathroom and kitchen free from harmful infections is easier than ever with the new range of our Steam Cleaners. Perfect for disinfecting your kitchen this cleaner comes in a compact size suitable for regular use. Sterilising your Bathroom, wouldn’t be a hassle anymore as you can clean the walls and other hard-to- reach corners with its powerful steam jet with absolutely no involvement of chemicals. This high pressured steam keeps the home clean from bacteria, viruses, and other germs. 
The range of products has been specially created to take away the hassle of existing home cleaning methods and streamline the process to make it more hygienic and efficient.