Apart from the cool showers during these monsoon months, July-August fervently welcomes festivals that are celebrated with pride and love every year.

 “Varamahalakshmi” as the name suggests, is the Goddess of Boons. A tradition of yore, this festival is celebrated ardently on the second Friday or the Friday preceding the full moon in the Shukla paksha fortnight of the month of Shravan. It falls on the 12th of August this year. This pooja is performed across all caste or creed. It is performed with utmost devotion by Indians to seek the benevolent blessings of Goddess Lakshmi to bestow health, wealth, knowledge and happiness on their family. 



“The lady of the house takes an early bath on this festive day and renders a beautiful Lotus rangoli design at the designated worship area, where a Kalash representing Goddess Lakshmi is placed. A Kalash filled with rice, topped with fresh mango leaves and coconut is decorated lovingly with saree, gold jewelry, and flowers. Sweets, Fruits, Dry Fruits, fresh grains, and savories are offered to the Goddess of auspiciousness wholeheartedly. 



The Pooja is begun by invoking Lord Ganesha first followed by the dedication to Goddess Lakshmi. The evenings are spent visiting family and friends and exchanging good wishes, love, sweets and savouries.

Puran Poli also called obbattu or Holige, Appi Payasa ( Crispy semolina fritters in milk pudding), Puliyogare ( Spicy-tangy Tamarind Rice ), Carrot Kosambari ( an interesting carrot lentil salad), Godambi Thondekai Palya ( a side dish made out of cashewnuts and Ivy gourd) are some of the specialities prepared during Varalakshmi Pooja.