Raksha Bandhan


It’s that part of the year when our televisions are filled with the advertisements of chocolates and greetings cards. Siblings are the most excited ones in the families and there are love and bonding oozing in every corner of the house. Yes, it’s the celebration of bonds, Raksha Bandhan. As the name stands Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of the unsaid promise that every sibling makes to their kins, to stand by them and protect them through all the hurdles of life. It’s the promise to cherish the good times and fight against all odds with togetherness. It's a day to remember the sweet little moments of childhood when the world was our playground and we dreamt of skies and beyond, and our siblings held a joint account in our bank of dreams.

Traditionally, to show our love we tie the rakhi, to our brothers and if we are geographically far, we send them to streets, cities, states and even national boundaries. When work and stress have pulled us apart over the years it's this day that pulls us back together. We are overwhelmed with the phone calls and the unexpected gifts or even visits, which make us realise that the sibling love never dies regardless of age and distance.



However, the celebration of Raksha Bandhan goes way beyond mere tying of the Rakhi to brothers. Over the years the meaning of this festival has evolved in the most pleasant ways where it’s no mere confined to brothers and sisters. Anyone who feels a sense of responsibility towards their near and dear ones celebrates this day with utmost dedication irrespective of caste creed or color.

It’s that day of the year when walking down a lane on a typical Indian street will leave you swung to the aromas of amazing Indian savories being cooked in every house.  

Here are a few recipes that are sure to add to the flavors of this festival, already so ambrosial.

Khoya Burfi Malpua , Vermicelli Kheer , Vegetable Pancakes and Banana cutlets are some of the dishes prepared to mark this occasion.