Happy Janmashtami


Janmashtami, is an annual celebration of the birth of the Hindu deity Krishna, the eighth avatar of  Lord Vishnu.Thanks to Lord Krishna’s flute, a cute baby face that steals butter and his connection with Radha that makes the Lord so special and loved by all.

What makes Janamashtami so special?

Lord Krishna reciprocates in unique ways with every devotee who offers him, love. He is the most adorable son, the most romantic lover and most compassionate friend. On Janmashtami, devotees rejoice Lord Krishna's roles with sheer devotion and love. They wait to receive the similar love from Lord Krishna.

It falls on August 25th this year, which is the eighth day (Ashtami) of Krishna Paksha (the dark fortnight) of the month of Shravan. The entire world celebrates the divine appearance of Lord Sri Krishna. The temples are decorated and are lit up. Electricians perch themselves at various places to hook up the lights which will dazzle the onlookers. The temple halls and even houses are decorated with flowers and festoons.

The birthplace of Lord Krishna being Mathura and Vrindavan, reverberate day and night with the festivity of singing and dancing in his honour. Religious plays are enacted in his memory - his charm and enamour, mischievous and lovable moments, his victorious moments of stealing butter and curd from difficult to reach places, are brought back to life through the plays. At midnight idols of the infant, Krishna is beautifully decorated and laid in a cradle and rocked when he was believed to be born, amidst the ringing and tinkling of bells.

Ardent devotees observe fast during the day and end their fast at midnight, after the puja. It is believed that Lord Krishna was born at midnight. This is the time when they offer prayers to the notorious 'Makhan chor'. Lord Krishna was known for His sweet tooth so, they make sure that they prepare lots of sweets and desserts. They offer it to the deity and then have it as 'blog'. Believers praise and remember the Lord by reciting hymns and singing devotional songs from the Gita in his glory.



Janmashtami is popularly called as “Dahi Handi” in certain parts of the country. An earthen pot filled with buttermilk is tied at a challenging height. In an attempt to reach the earthen pot, the participants have to form a human pyramid; the top most person breaks the earthen pot with sheer pleasure splashing the buttermilk on the entire human tower. The participants are called "Govinda Pathak" and their groups are called “Manuals” or “Handis”. This event is conducted on a large scale, wherein the prize money awarded is worth from thousands to lakhs. The manuals move around the town to be able to participate in the maximum number of such challenging competitions.

Mouth watering delicacies prepared during Janmashtami

Singhare ki Poori Coconut Barfi , Makhan Samosa , Gur ka para  Butter Murukku/Benne Chakli and Kesar shrikhand are prepared to enhance the flavour of the zealous celebration.