A Sparkling Home for a Sparkling Festive Season


A clean home is a matter of concern for everyone, festivals are the time when the intensity of that cleaning gains some momentum. Care is taken to clean every minute corner of the house to make it ready for the Gods and Goddesses to dwell. However, achieving the perfection in terms of cleaning is no rocket science. A few tips and tricks can help you save time and effort and fetch the desired results 

Here is a checklist for you to ensure that every inch of your house is cleaned to perfection.



1. Get rid of dust, allergens and odours: Let's start with the most basic of all - Air. The air we breathe is the most neglected intake of our body. You process the fruits and vegetables bought from the market. Then why such negligence with air?  Allergens such as pollen, pet dander, mould spores and dust thrive in the air that we pull into our lungs, making it harmful enough to get us sick for weeks together. A good Air Purifier is now becoming a must which would highly help in trapping all these allergens, odour, chemicals and sends the purified air back to you.


2. Do our so-called cleaning techniques- dusting and mopping really get us rid of viruses and bacterias? What good is a cleaning regime that doesn't keep you from falling sick? Get rid of viruses and bacterias the chemical free way. A  Steam Cleaner can clean your washrooms, slabs, window panes and floors to perfection in the safest way possible. What can be better if a cleaner cleans all of your homes without the use of any harmful chemicals? It’s a win-win situation!
3. Another place where most of the dirt and germs get trapped in are the carpets. It becomes really important to reach all the narrow, hard to reach corners like the window sliders, carpets and curtains on a regular basis and not let the dust accumulate. Hence, Investing in a good Vacuum Cleaner could be a wise decision. You can reach all the narrow, hard to reach areas without much hassle.
4. Gone are the days when you would have to first sweep the floor and then mop it to finally get the perfect cleaning. What if we say all the hard work doesn't pay off well because you reuse the water from the same bucket in every room. Well, technically that only transfers the germs rather than killing them. Sweep, scrub and mop away the stubborn grime, all at once with an Electric MopThanks to this amazing innovation. The mechanism allows you to mop your floor with ease without having to carry a heavy bucket along. And saves you from the pain of double work.
5. With the passage of time, the expensive flooring begins to lose its charm. Even a regular mopping and sweeping regime can leave your floor with stubborn marks and scratches. To get rid of the dullness a Floor Polisher makes the best solution. A single stroke through the floor leaves it with a sparkling shine safe enough for your kids to play.
6. Another ignored area in our houses are the high rise shelves. Cleaning a house isn't really complete unless each and every corner of the house is free of dust and grime. Many times we ignore the top of the shelves and cupboards where most of the dust accumulates and they barely get cleaned. A  Step On the ladder is a must for such cleaning. You can easily reach all the inaccessible places for cleaning and dusting safely. When not in use you can easily fold it and store it in any corner of the house without having to spare out a lot of space.
7. Now that you have realised your dream of a clean home do not forget to pick a good dustbin to compliment the style of your home.  There are two things you need to keep in mind before you pick a dustbin: size and convenience. The size of your dust bin should not be too small or too large to accommodate the waste of one day. More importantly, it should be highly easy to use. A paddle bin these days is the most common preference but it is to be noted that most of them available in the market are made of plastic become dysfunctional in a few months time. Embrace hygiene with light foot taps with a beautiful stainless Steel Dustbin which assures value for money.

This is it! Your checklist for a sparkling clean home is ready. To make life easier for you Prestige Smart Kitchen has come up with the most amazing set of cleaning solutions for your home. For festivals like Diwali which require intense cleaning, these equipment are the best you can opt for. Affordable and convenient this range of products is all you need for a healthy home to live.