This Festive Season Spend the Smart way

Festive Season: The Best Time to Shop



The festive season has dawned and we can sense the joyous chaos in the air already. The merriest time of the year has come and everybody is enthralled and charged with festivity. More importantly, it is the time of the year when most of our big ticket shopping is done. We have all been waiting for the company bonuses and this sale season to satiate our temptations that had been kept in a waiting line all this while.

In the midst of preparing for the festivals, unless you are careful, you are likely to lose track of your finances. Lack of proper planning could end you up with a deficit, hard to recover in the times to follow. It's only at the time of festivals that you get lured with exciting offers and attractive banners. While the offers might seem very enticing, you need to be careful about not making any impulsive purchase. In the festive season, "sale" price isn't always the "best" price. Figuring a way out to spend smartly while not compromising on our needs is exactly what we are going to talk about.

Durables like home appliances and utensils are a major part of our festive shopping. Whether it is for gifting or for your personal use, it is wise to invest in things that are not just useful but also provide you full value for the price you pay. And when going for such products it is advisable to adhere to a brand that is trustworthy and promising like Prestige.


Offers and Promotions Lighting up the Festive Mood



Remember to keep your eyes and ears open to what offers are available.Signing up with your favourite brand helps you stay up-to-date with the latest offers and launches.  Many offers in Prestige Smart Kitchen have products in bundles where you get the significant discount on a product when bought with another. These products are very strategically bundled together so that they provide optimal value to you. While buying online keep delivery charges and durations in mind.  


Gifting: More than Just a Festive Chore



Not sure of what to gift, gift cards come to your rescue. Prestige now provides you with a plethora of gifting options through their gift cards. You may ask why gift cards? First of all, they are less likely to go waste, unlike any other gift. You give the receiver the freedom to pick whatever suits their needs. Gift Cards are a simple way to stay on budget. By picking up gift cards, you can breeze through stores without being tempted to make impulse purchases, and you can plan your budget down to the penny.


Budgeting: How EMI Schemes Can Help You Stay in Budget



Prestige smart kitchen now also gives you the freedom to buy things on EMI with minimal or no
interest at all, which is a win-win situation for both the parties.This game changer step taken by marketers can literally make you shop till you drop without letting you go too hard on your pockets.

Don't have a credit card? Don’t worry. You can go for EMI card like Bajaj EMI card. There are also Instant approval EMI options from banks based on checking credit score using PAN card number. However, minimum purchase slabs apply. Remember to evaluate all costs associated with the scheme and only then go ahead with the schemes.

The EMI option is available at select prestige smart kitchen stores and at the online web store -


Mobile Wallets: New-age Wallets that bear Rewards on Spending



Mobile wallets are a way to carry your credit card or debit card information in a digital form on your mobile device. Ditch the plastic cards and use your smartphone instead.

When you use mobile wallets, you restrict the exposure of your confidential data; you do not disclose your sensitive bank data on multiple merchant's sites or establishment unlike a payment through net banking or a debit or credit card. The biggest advantage of mobile wallets is the massive rewards in the form of discounts and cash-back. You can redeem those rewards in your future transactions saving a great deal of money. At Prestige your mobile wallet mode of payment can be combined only with online card payment mode.


No Compromises around Festivities

Creating a Proper wish list will help you track what you really want and will keep you from making unnecessary impulse purchases. Budget your festive expenditure and make the best use of the payment options available for you at Prestige Smart Kitchen. Festivals are made to bring smiles and joy to you and so are our modern marketing schemes. A wisely chalked out plan can help you make your purchases without having to suffer for the rest of the year.  So go ahead and quench all your aspirations this festive season.