A legacy of Ingenuity


Prestige - The Super Brand

Prestige boasts of a legacy that has been nurturing Indian kitchens with great innovative products for the last 60 years. Consumer satisfaction is high on the agenda of Team Prestige whose continuous efforts to modernise the Indian kitchen has ensured a Superbrand status for the brand multiple times over.

Jo biwi se Kare Pyaar…


The image of women toiling and sweating in the kitchen to nurture their family inspired Prestige to ease their workload, and they were the first to introduce the pressure cooker to the Indian kitchen. The pressure cooker, a wonder of its time, enabled users to cook faster while preserving nutrition of the food being cooked and also saving fuel. At that time the prime concern with the pressure cooker was safety, which Prestige overcame by pioneering never before safety features in the pressure cooker - The gasket release system. The safe Prestige pressure cookers were made famous by the evergreen slogan - “Jo biwi Se Kare Pyaar, woh Prestige se Kaise kare Inkaar”. 



A proud heritage

The brand began to be appreciated for its innovations around safety and the Prestige pressure cooker became the darling of Indian kitchens. There are several examples of families who take pride in having used their legendary Prestige pressure cooker for 3-4 decades.



Total Kitchen Solutions

As time progressed, women started spearheading their successful careers and the need to balance between home and work became critical. The way a kitchen was being perceived began to gradually change, to the extent that it became the quintessential space of the household. Every festival and occasion, apart from being celebrated for its gaiety, became a source of  opportunity to upgrade and evolve the kitchen space into a special one.

Encouraged by this growing trend, Prestige grew into a “Total Kitchen Solution” provider, to simplify every chore in the kitchen. A wide cookware range was introduced which became the new frontrunner for the brand. Appliances, Gas Tables, Hobs, Chimneys, Induction Cooktops and Air Fryers soon followed. With over 600 products across 25 product categories, Prestige had something for every need in the kitchen.



Prestige Smart Kitchen

In order to ensure that consumers experience the Prestige brand in its complete avatar, Prestige launched their exclusive and widespread chain of stores Prestige Smart Kitchen. Prestige Smart Kitchen stores provide the entire product range of latest and innovative kitchen appliances under one roof. It gives an unmatched shopping experience - well-trained staff, various payment facilities and unique shopping benefits which enable the consumers to choose the right product for their desired lifestyle. The Prestige Smart Kitchen stores exceed 540 outlets at the last count.

Prestige Clean Home

After revolutionizing the kitchen space, last year Prestige unleashed its prowess to deliver clean and hygienic homes. A series of easy to use Mops, Air-purifiers, Vacuum cleaner cum floor polisher, hygienic bins, etc have been launched to have sparkling clean, hygienic and pollution free homes.





Having embarked on this journey of nurturing Indian homes, Prestige strives to take the market by storm with its incessant innovations. Their ultimate goal is to satisfy their consumers through value products with safety and durability being the very essence of their creation.