Stay Aglow With Sweets Galore


The 5 days festival of Diwali is enriched with not only the significance of the victory of good over evil but also the sumptuous feast of sweets attached to it. Even these five days aren't enough to savor all of  the wide variety of sweets flooding the shops.


Traditional Diwali Sweets to cook at home with family



During Diwali, traditional sweets are prepared zealously at home, adding vitality and vigor to the occasion. Family gatherings and reunions of near and dear ones, feel elated with the elaborate sweetmeat spread that includes Coconut Burfi, Besan laddoo, phirni, rice payasamjalebi, Gajar Ka Halwa, badam halwa, karanji (dry fruit), Puran Poli etc. These traditional sweets are offered as prasad to Goddess Lakshmi on the much awaited day of Diwali. After Lakshmi Puja, the prasad is distributed as blessings among family members and friends.

Premium Sweets for Diwali gifting

Sweets like Kaju Barfi, Soan Papdi, Besan Laddoo apart from being delectable, become more special as they have a long shelf life, making it ideal for gift and exchange. Some other rich delicacies meant for quick consumption to pamper your family and friends with would be Motichoor ladoo, Mysore Pak, Rasagulla, Rasmalai, Kalakand, Milk pedha, Basundi, Sheer khurma etc. In addition, attractively and stylishly packed boxes of sweets, are sure to sweep them off their feet.

Dry Fruits for Diwali

Dry fruits like Almonds, Pistachio nuts, Cashew nuts, Raisins, Walnuts, Chilgoza, Khajoor, etc. are excellent buys for home and for gifting purposes. They symbolize abundance and spread the message of prosperity and gratitude during this season.

Precautions while buying sweets

To make festive season more flavourful, buying ready-made sweets is also a norm. Sweet shops that do not have their own personal kitchen or culinary experts to follow hygienic conditions, should be on your questionable radar. Sweets purchased from reputed sweet traders would be the right and sensible choice, where authentic and pure ingredients would be used to prepare the delicacies in a conducive environment. Be extra cautious while buying milk based sweets as they are prone to get spoilt soon if not stored at the right temperature and consumed within the right time. The way your sweet smells also tells you a lot about its condition. It also tells you about the quality of the major ingredients like milk and oil used in the preparation. Hence make sure you use your olfactory senses to the best to pick the right kind of sweets. Do remember to check the manufacturing and expiry dates usually mentioned on the box when buying pre-packed sweets. Many vendors might try to get their old stocks sold at the rush hours of Diwali in order to make profits from their piled up stocks.

It is time to envelop the season with the richness and flavors of traditions. All elders and youngsters transcend their differences to come alive with the festivity. They bring out the best of their culinary skills in harmonious resonance, adding grandeur and charm to the festive season.