Let this Diwali Light up our Souls and not Just our Homes

Diwali, What makes it so special?



Millions of families around the world await the advent of this five-day long festival. Looking back into mythology this day bears a huge significance as it marks the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama. People of Ayodhya were ecstatic at the homecoming of Lord Rama and rejoiced by lighting up their houses with lamps and distributing sweets to each other. People have different beliefs and sentiments attached to Diwali but a common emotion of immense joy and happiness is what binds us all together.


A New Beginning

Diwali also marks the start of the new Hindu financial year and many businessmen, traders, and shopkeepers, open new accounts books. The festival celebrates Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Investment, spending, and purchases are considered auspicious on this day. It is the peak buying season for Gold and other jewellery.


Festival of Lights



Diwali or Deepawali is the symbol of victory of righteousness and spiritual illumination. The spirit of Diwali holds relevant even in the modern day. It continues to inspire us to fight the vices of society with the strength that our Deities have displayed in the past.


Rangoli and Diyas
People draw footprints of Goddess Laxmi using rice flour at the entrance of their houses to welcome peace and prosperity accompanying the goddess herself. They light earthen lamps with wicks of lotus stem to please her. Be it the family gatherings, brightly coloured rangolis or the rows of earthen lamps lighting up the patios, everything about Diwali is euphoric enough to have us waiting, through the year. As the evening approaches, everything suddenly comes to life and the darkness of Kartik Amavasya is warded off with the brightness of diyas lighting up our homes.
Light Someone's Life with Your Kindness
When Diwali brings us so much joy and excitement, why not pass it to the needful and the less fortunate? Celebrate a more fulfilling Diwali this year by indulging in some kind act of ‘giving’. You can donate days and sweets and even firecrackers to orphanages and old age homes. Some of the stores sell clay diyas from reputed NGOs that donate the earned money to the poor and needy on the occasion of Diwali. That way you not just light up your own houses but also spread some light into others lives too.
Light an earthen lamp

Another way you can enliven the festive vibes for yourself and others is, by sticking to the traditional way of lighting lamps. Earthen lamps formed an integral part of Diwali till the electric lights got popular. Lighting of an earthen diya marks the commencement of something auspicious in our lives. Earthen lamps add a unique glitter and charm to the houses. However, with the arrival of string lights the craftsmen of clay diyas have been suffering a major hitch in their business. It is believed that lighting clay lamps with lotus wick bring in Laxmi to our houses and she dwells in the ones which are most brightly lit. So make sure you bring in Goddess Laxmi to your houses with the power of lamps and also light up the Diwali for the craftsmen who wait for this festival all year long.


Choose your Fireworks Responsibly for a Safer Diwali
The trends in the fireworks market have been evolving constantly. We today are exposed to many crackers that are not just hazardous to our health bust also to the air that we breathe in. Loud noise created by some fireworks cause immense panic and trauma to animals like dogs and cats. It should be our sole responsibility to carry forward our traditions sensibly, making sure that our idea of celebrations does not cause pain or trouble to anyone else. Make it a point to choose your fireworks responsibly and stick to a timeframe that is more considerate towards the senior citizens and children.
Gifts needn’t be big but Thoughtful 
The gifting spree begins from the very first day of Diwali, which is Dhanteras. It's a tradition to gift gold or silver coins to our relatives as a token of love. Metal utensils are also believed to bring good luck when gifted to our friends and relatives on this auspicious day. Gifts that promise durability and utility make the most meaningful gifts. Prestige Smart Kitchen offers a range of products that are aimed at easing your kitchen experience and at the same time turn your kitchen into a place where relationships are made rather than being a facilitator for your daily cooking chore. Shower your love on your near and dear ones by gifting them something that not just stays with them forever but also simplifies their lives in the best possible ways. To get some tips on how to choose an appropriate gift for your relatives, refer to our blog on gifting. 
Celebrate a Diwali that is more meaningful!
With the passage of years, we have slowly drifted away from the true spirit of Diwali. The modern day Diwali majorly revolves around fireworks and lights. However, the message of the festival goes way beyond that - to be vigilant of the evil around and within ourselves and to demolish it with a strong will and determination.
May this Diwali enlighten our hearts with the light that empowers us to commit to great deeds that in some way make the world around us a better place. Prestige wishes you a delightful and safe Diwali.