Winter Vacations - Let The Countdown Begin


Live in the moment

Vacations are about living in the moment. It is a time to get mesmerised by the beauty of nature, to explore new places, to fancy and value every small thing that you take for granted and to lose yourself in joy. 


Activities to opt for this Winter 


Bird watching, trekking, sunbathing, golfing, biking, picnics, dancing at the discotheque etc are some of the activities that thrill you during your vacations. Apart from these thrilling activities, you can also treat your taste buds at the local food stall and visit the local market to explore the intricacies of indigenous trinkets and souvenirs that would make you feel intimate with the heritage and culture of the destination. Bringing home a souvenir that touched your heart is sure to enrapture you in the following days to come.


Popular spots for Winter vacations

Some of the popular destinations for vacations during winters are:


Heritage and History: 


Laced with history and rich cultural heritage, through its forts, palaces and deserts, Rajasthan, the “Royal” state is an interesting winter destination. Experience the sand dunes of Thar desert through camel safaris, traditional Rajasthani folk dances by the fire, and spectacular performances by the camels during the camel festival. Of course, the palaces and forts galore will invite you to lose yourself in its rich heritage. 


Enchanting and Serene:



For a serene stop, the enchanting backwaters of Kerala are quite alluring. Find yourself enthralled by its beaches, lush waterfalls, sprawling plantations, hill stations, bird and wildlife sanctuaries. Various destinations within the state are just 2-3 hours from each other, enabling you to make the most of your holiday through this blissful state.

 If the gorgeous skiing slopes beckon you, then “Auli”, cradled in Uttarakhand will be a good choice. It falls on the way to the famous pilgrimage destination of “Badrinath”. A mesmerising panoramic view of the pristine Himalayan mountains awaits you at Auli. 




A popular haunt for beaches, churches and carnivals, experience “Goa” in all its splendour. Popular beaches frequented are Colva, Calangute, Baga and Anjuna, where the shacks studying the beaches offer you fresh seafood and drinks. Visit Old Goa for a visual treat of exquisite wax statues at the “Wax World” Museum.

If you are in the mood to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin in winter, Lakshadweep islands would please you immensely.  Exploring the marine life would be a magnanimous treat around these sprawling islands.



Inform your near and dear ones of your whereabouts, so that they can get in touch with you in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Take care of all bills that may be due when you are away and reboot your wallet so that you carry absolute essentials during your travel. Clear instructions should be left behind for the mail and the leftovers from the refrigerator are cleared out to maintain hygiene. Cleaning your home well before you leave will ensure that a warm shelter greets you with open arms.


Gear during your vacation




Polarised sunglasses, effective sunscreen, a warm hat, protective boots, light and warm clothing, waterproof and warm gloves, waterproof backpack to safeguard your valuables and other essentials should make you a carefree soul during your vacation. Check the list to carry in your travel organiser comprising important travel documents, ID proof, cash and credit cards for a smooth travel. Essential toiletries should be accessible at any point of time without having to fish it out of the main travel bag. 


Stay healthy and wise 

When on the move choosing to eat in moderation, staying active and hydrated throughout, choosing foods wisely, snacking on fresh fruits or dried fruits, whole grain crackers,  would be sensible so that you come back home rejuvenated and happy. 


And when you return after a refreshing holiday, the comfort of your own bed at home, your personal niche, would seemingly feel more precious than ever. The infectious free spirited air that you carry,  would allow you to continue to savour every present moment with a new perspective. So what are you waiting for - plan your much-needed break. Go on a vacation!