Bake With Love And Warmth This Winter

Bake with delight

Freshly baked foods on a cold winter evening makes for a luxurious combination with your hot cup of tea or coffee. A touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, etc can add distinct flavours to your baked treats and don’t be surprised when people come and say, “You have magic in your hands.” Winter season beckons several such occasions that your oven toaster griller becomes more dear and cherishable to you. So dig through your kitchen store cupboard ingredients, and get creative with luscious desserts this winters!

Family time to dote on each other


Baking is a great way to have family time in the kitchen. Family traditions are shared lovingly with a lot of fun and fervour, making it a memorable experience. With a charged atmosphere and zealous involvement of family members, your recipe could get further innovative and appealing than what you had begun with.

Feasting on what has been put together, as a collective effort is an extraordinary feeling altogether. The anticipation in tasting the first bite, the frozen suspense in the air about the outcome of the delectable dish, the clitter clatter of the cutlery amidst the joyous gathering, the pouring gush of cocktails and mocktails and not to miss the squeals of laughter and merriment, draw warmth into the short days and long nights of the winter season.


Keep warm and cosy during the winter

Creamy chocolate fudge, Carrot cakeApple oatmeal crispCinnamon roasted almondsBread pudding, etc are some of the mouth-watering recipes that are baked fondly to enjoy a feast.

Carrot cake is an inviting connection with a moist and crumbly texture, that can fire up dull and drab moments. Bite into Apple oatmeal crisps and relish the crunch and the soft apple texture simultaneously. Woo your children to the almonds jar and watch them dwindle down quickly, especially when they contain not just almonds, but cinnamon roasted almonds.

It is indeed easy to stay warm and protected with these baked goodies that might keep you guessing as to which one of those special ingredients is adding that glow to your cheeks.

Bake flawlessly

Get into the nitty- gritty of baking for awesome results:

  • Chilled eggs should not be incorporated into the flour, just like chilled butter. Both should be brought to room temperature.

  • The baking pan should be placed in the centre of the oven, out of contact with the oven walls, to ensure even hot air circulation.

  • Cakes are recommended to be cooled upside down, which allows for flattening out the topmost layer as well.

  • Baking pans of appropriate sizes  should be used, to get a tender and well-done cake defined by a light brown crust. Cakes can end up flat and overbaked if a large pan is used. Similarly, a small pan can cause the untidy overflow of the batter while baking and may take longer than usual to bake.

  • Filling pans halfway with the batter is a great way to ensure a uniform bake and to prevent the overflowing of the batter during baking.

  • The last but not the least would be to frost or glaze the cake once it has cooled down. After all, it is baked to bring on those stealing smiles that are so infectious to elevate chilly and grey evenings into warm and lovable ones.

Bake to your heart’s content



Go ahead and have fun with baking. Baking is a beautiful cooking process that cooks the exterior and the interior of the food at the same pace with uniformity. So warm up to this winter season with a variety of dishes baked with love!