Do Not Let The Winters Fall Too Hard On You



The winters are here! How we love the festive chaos of this season; barbeque parties, Christmas carols, winter holidays and so much more. The chilled air brings along an aura of celebrations and cheers and we wait to embrace the wintery feel with our mittens and sweaters on.


However, there are a lot of downsides of winter that we have got to fight every year. With the onset of winters, India has been choking under heavy levels of smog.  Unlike the warm air which is lighter and tends to rise high, the cold air remains stagnant trapping all the pollution in it. Winter smog primarily is created by a harmful blend of cool air, still, wind and warming. A large portion of the contamination is brought on via automobiles - especially diesel cars, which transmit up to 95 percent of nitrogen dioxide from exhausts.


Why should we worry about smog? A continued exposure to smog can lead to various health hazards because of the ozone present in it. High levels of ozone can irritate one's respiratory system. It usually lasts up to a few hours after the exposure. However, ozone can continue to harm your lungs even after symptoms disappear.For people suffering from Asthma, exposure to high levels of ozone from smog can further trigger attacks.Smog also causes difficulties in breathing, especially during exercise. This is because of the effects of ozone on the functioning of lungs.


How can you take care of what you breathe in?



Breathing is inevitable and cannot be stopped, However, we can curb the ill effects to a great extent. Sounds surprising, doesn't it?


To reverse the effects of pollution is a far-cry dream and requires conscious efforts for years together. Nevertheless what you breathe inside your home is totally under your control and capacity. Air Purifiers are built to welcome the fresh air back into your homes so that you are spared from the wrath of air pollution that has engulfed the atmosphere today.


Prestige Air Purifiers safeguard your family’s health with advanced four-stage air filtration with ioniser technology. It not only removes harmful allergens and pollutants but also disease-causing bacteria, viruses, bad odours and smoke effectively. In fact, it cleans the air around you so well that you feel the difference instantly. With advanced filtration technology, intelligent control panel and aesthetic design, the Prestige Air Purifier is a must for your family's health.


If we are so particular about safe drinking water then why compromise with the air that we breathe?