Keep the Winter Blues at Bay


The winters are upon us and we can feel the winter chills already. A perfect winter day calls for a smoking hot plate of pakoras and tea. However, while we are enjoying our winter holidays with full fervour let's not forget to do these simple things that will help us keep the harshness of the chilly winters at bay.


  • Staying hydrated  


Although the temperatures might be noticeably colder, winter air is much drier which leads to dehydration. This, in turn, makes us more susceptible to diseases like flu and the common cold. Our body needs fluids to fight such illness. Hence remember to keep a bottle of water handy this winter.  


  • Skincare 



Regular bathing soaps or body wash may make your skin dry hence, using a soap or body wash with higher glycerine content may work best. Keep your skin well moisturised and do not take the sunscreen for granted. Even on the seemingly cloudy days of winter, the UV rays might be strong enough to cause you severe skin damage. So keep your exposed skin well greased.


  • Make exercising your best buddy



We know how tempting it could be to snuggle under the heavy blankets and laze away the entire day. Winters could prove to be brutal for the workaholics too. But on the contrary winters are exactly when you must push yourself to action because that's the most appropriate answer to what your body needs; warmth, sunlight, sufficient breathing and above all a destresser to beat the winter blues.


  • Boost your Immunity



A balanced diet rich in all the minerals and nutrients alongside necessary herbs and spices is the first step to getting your immune system work smoothly. Cooking with onions, garlic, ginger, black peppercorn and turmeric can help you boost your immune system. Make friends with the early morning sun to get ample amount of Vitamin D. Fruits like Oranges and sweet lime which have a higher content of citric acid provide you ample amount of vitamin C to fight the winters and keep you healthy.


Summing up, the key to the perfect health care regime is being able to find the perfect balance between the right nutrition, exercise, relaxation and preventives. But what counts the most is opening our windows to the good things in life, like catching up with our near ones, treating ourselves to the favourite pizza, a warm coffee with family and reading to our kids their favourite stories. So make sure you make the most of this winter by adopting some healthy tips.      


Happy Winters!