Fine Cooking With Cast Iron




Did you know how your food tastes like is greatly influenced by what it is cooked in? Thinner gauge materials spread and fail to hold heat evenly vis a vis heavy       base pans that retain more heat and cook your food evenly. Hence, the right tool for the right job makes cooking a rewarding experience.

Talking of heavy base vessels, cast iron pots are the ultimate workhorse for your kitchen and their versatility has absolutely no match. Regardless of whether you use it on your stove top or the oven, you get delicious food. The major standpoint of cast iron is that it has high volumetric heat capacity, which implies that once it's hot, it retains the heat for a longer period. This is ideal for dishes which require slow cooking or for cooking any kind of meat.

High emissivity, which is the capacity to radiate heat energy ensures that the entire content in the vessel is cooked and not just the ones directly in contact with the metal.



What cooks best with cast iron?

Fan of perfectly browned crispy veggies? Well, a cast iron pan can give you the best assortment of fried veggies. We know what the right amount of heat can do to the taste of vegetables. Cast iron vessels have time and again been recommended by chefs for cooking meat because of their virtue of even heating. Cast iron pots and skillets provide just the right depth to make the crispiest fried chicken and even roasted chicken. Bakers use cast iron skillets to bake cakes and pies to achieve the perfect crust around the edges and the bottoms.The continuous circulating heat of a hot skillet in the oven keeps the bottom crust of a pie nice and toasty, which will give it a wonderful crunch and just-browned flavour when finished. Preparing for Christmas and the New Year's eve? There can be no item in your menu that this wonder vessel cannot cast its magic. Lay the most sumptuous dinner table to your family and friends with using cast iron vessel and we can vouch for them never forgetting the taste for days to come.



Best cast iron cookware to suit your cooking needs

Cast Iron vessels come in various shapes and sizes, skillets being the most popular among them.

Cast-iron skillets (shallow fry pan) come in a variety of sizes, from 6 inches in diameter to very large ones over 15 inches in diameter. With average depths between 1 1/4 inches and 2 1/2 inches.

Dutch ovens are deep-sided pots with lids that can be used on the stovetop or inside the oven. They’re extremely versatile. Just name the dish and your Dutch oven can do it!

Grill Pans are mainly used to grill food, either on the stovetop or over a campfire. The ribbed bottom keeps the food out of the drippings and leaves nice sear marks.

Shallow Casserole cookware: These as slightly shallow as compared to dutch ovens and are perfectly apt for baking cakes and stews.  




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How to care for your cast iron vessel?

In traditional cast iron pans, seasoning is a way you get a natural non-stick covering on the base of the pan, by making a layer of fat that chemically clings to the iron underneath it. Just rub some cooking fat into the pan, and heat it up till it's smoking hot on the stovetop or in the oven. Let it cool, and repeat a few times. The non-stick layer that is formed does not peel off over repeated use. It rather gets stronger with every single use. Clean your pan soon after you have finished your cooking. Hold your pan under running water till the pan cools down. Then slowly wipe the food particles from the pan and clean with soap.

Prestige offers a wide range of cast iron pots and pans which not only are exceptionally good looking but also come with an enamel coating that renders your pan non-stick. So that you don't have to season your vessel. These vessels are compatible with induction, ceramic cooktop, gas stove and even oven.  When it comes to washing your pots, all you need to do is just let it cool for a while and then you are good to wash it the way you would any other utensil.