What does this special relationship of a husband and wife offer? Is it a fairy tale that goes like this- “They lived happily ever after?” It is interesting how this relationship grows stronger with every passing day! To go an extra mile, without feeling that extra mile is what all this relationship is about. To feel secure and comfortable in each other’s presence, to lift one another’s spirit during trying times, to surprise each other with what the other is fond of, to support one another unconditionally, are some of the things that come naturally when each one is mesmerized by the other. 


How does this journey begin?



Was it that smile or giggle, or pushing away that distracting strand of hair to take an extra moment or was it the common food habits like gol gappa and vada pav or maybe, to be adorably addicted to pets at home, having interesting and like thoughts in common fields or similar dislikes, it could be just any trivial thing that suddenly becomes very important and pivotal at that point of time. The time when the couple meet each other for the first time.


How does starting a family together strengthen the bond?



Having a new member in the family suddenly defines your existence not just as a single entity but as a combined entity. Priorities change, and thinking together for a common cause strengthens this relationship like never before. The admiration for each other begins to draw each other closer and to keep the family secure and protected becomes more of a privilege. The small frictions add more meaning to an existing meaningful relationship.


Sharing household tasks for a beautiful and content home




Working together towards a fulfilled and beautiful home, strengthens the bond between the couple on the foundation of greater understanding and common interests. Sharing of tasks lessens the overload on the other individual giving room for relaxation and quality time together. It could be anything, like taking out the garbage, opening the door to the house staff in the morning, lending a hand at gardening, buying or ordering groceries in or for that matter to prepare a surprise meal, could do wonders to a relationship.


How the ageing skin, aching joints, the extra flab, the grey strands and every annoying habit becomes a way of life that you cannot do without. 



Overlook the imperfect taints perfectly is the secret of a loving relationship here. It does not matter you are old now but grown old together is what matters. To make those years count through the countless years of togetherness is what matters. At a point of time, couples just understand each other even without uttering the words. Staying happy together through thick and thin is a way to celebrate each other’s presence and that is when you could truly say, that they lived happily ever after.


Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar – A Celebration

Our Brand statement - Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar is a celebration, an ode, to this wonderful journey a couple takes. As a brand, our products and our innovations are focussed on enabling these wonderful couples to experience and create happy memories, whether in the kitchen or at the dining table or even while cleaning and maintaining their homes. This is where we will continue working to make these relationships stronger and these journeys even more delightful, as we say and believe, Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar, Woh Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkaar!