Are you just going to ogle at the tempting winter foods or are you going to entertain your palate to stay warm and healthy during this winter season? Get over those lethargy blues and pep up your energy levels by warming up to winter foods. Let your radiance perk up those eyebrows wondering about the secret of your infective glow!


What kind of food would you like to indulge in this winter?

It is time to open your doors to fresh greens this winter.

  • Fresh green veggies like Methi, dill, spinach, spring onions, fresh green garlic are heart-warming accompaniments to nurture your family to the fullest. They go well with special rotis like Bajre ki roti. The Combination itself  sounds so good, one can only imagine how delicious it would taste.

  • Green garlic effectively combats cold, coughs, virals, etc and impacts your food with a strong and inviting flavour.

  • Ponkh or Green Wheat is not to be missed during the winters. A dash of lime and salt and combined with spicy bhujiya sev its a sure way to stimulate your palate.

  • Fresh Green Garbanzos or Hara Chana are best relished when roasted on a sigri and had with freshly cut tomatoes, onions, salt and lime.

  • The tantalizing orange and yellow Amba Haldi (fresh turmeric) with its innate sour taste is best enjoyed with hot theplaas in the cold season. It adds a freshness to the winter air.

As much as the Amla is tempting, it is a great storehouse of vitamin C to nourish every ounce of your being. 



  • Chikkis made from Black sesame seeds with the goodness of jaggery and ghee incorporated would charge you during the cold season. Being rich in iron, you cannot refuse this delicacy.

  • Boost that metabolism to feel recharged with nuts and dry fruits added to your breakfast cereal. It is an ideal way to kick start your day. Almonds, Pistachios, walnuts, dry fruits like apricots, raisins and figs add some richness and warmth to your being.

  • Tulsi Tea in winter - Tea with holy basil (Tulsi) and ginger is most inviting during the chilly mornings to get you all warmed up.



  • Extend your family to the Millets family - Favour the millets family during the winter season such a pearl millets (Bajra), Finger millets (Ragi), Jowar, Maize, Jau (Barley) to boost your health to another level altogether. Indulge in rotis made out of these millets with your favourite pickle for that spicy quotient. Go for the moong dal halwas which have been put on hold for a long time.

Have a date with dates, jaggery and ghee this winter

  • Ghee is extremely beneficial when it is consumed in the recommended quantity. It helps to keep you glowing through the winters, cutting out bad fat to give you a lean and fit body. What’s more, you feel good about yourself!

  • Dates are highly nutritious winter special foods that fortify your health.

  • The goodness of jaggery is appreciated as it is an energy provider over an extended period of time. It is an excellent natural cleanser that rids your body of toxins and enriches your body with a good source of vital nutrients.

Recipes for Winter

Pamper your taste buds with healthy and innovative recipes this winter. Keep your family guessing for fresh surprises on the menu!





  • Creame of Palak Paneer is a sure hit when served with delectable rotis. The rich and succulent paneer cubes drowned in fresh and creamy palak gravy can effortlessly turn a dreary and chilly evening into a high spirited one. 

  • Experiment with Italian delicacies like Italian baked vegetables which includes a good proportion of root vegetables such as onions, carrots and your favourite corn in it. 


  • A sumptuous Apricot and sweet potato cheesecake  can make you go scampering over it till the last dollop is consumed.

  • Wrap your palate around the goodness of Til ki Chikki, which will make you hungry for more. The beginning of Makar sankranti augments auspiciousness with these delightful sesame chunks.

  • Piping hot Kebab Ruksand for an evening of laughter and fun is quite inviting. 

Gatherings with bountiful delicacies can unravel good times to cherish the season for a long time to come.