Seven Steps to India of Our Dreams


Each one of us can leave a stamp on this world by making our lives meaningful in a thousand ways that not only does good to us but also influences others. Let your every action be a reflection of your beliefs. Could there be a better way to put these ideas together than how Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

As the 68th Republic Day of India approaches us let's pledge to make India a better place by adhering to these seven simple ideologies. 



1) Let’s get rid of the litter: One issue that has plagued our nation from its roots is the littering of public places. Waste management is the biggest issue concerning our government. But what we need to understand is that, an issue as big as this needs joint efforts. It's pathetic to watch the nation drowning in waste and hold the government responsible. You wouldn't want to welcome your guests to a pile of trash at home, then why such indifference with the mother land? When a little consciousness can make things work, why make peace with trash fouling our environs?



2) Get rid of road rage, follow traffic rules: The infrastructural development of a nation cannot practically be in sync with the ever increasing traffic density, hence following the traffic rules is the bare minimum we can do to keep our day to day commute from turning into a horror. Speed limits, traffic signals, speed breakers and penalties are all there for a reason and we must acknowledge and abide by that. Not only this adopting public modes of transport is a great way to curb the nuisance that the staggering rise in the numbers of automobiles have caused.



3) Respecting our Cultural Diversity is not a choice but a must:  India is a diverse nation and its diversity makes its identity. With intercultural respect we can preserve this identity. Racial prejudice and racism hold the country back from progressing.  Mutual respect for cultures begins with the acknowledgement of the fact that no culture is more valuable or "correct" than any other.





4) The only way to make something happen is to DO it: There is no shortcut to progress. Good things take time and a little extra effort to materialise into reality. There are various organisations that work selflessly for the greater good of the society and the best way for us to contribute is by volunteering. Community services are the best way to ensure that we are working towards the India that we have only dreamt of.



5) Understanding and participating in Indian politics: Be it participating in the voting process or taking up a role as the leader, the Indian youth has to engage more and more in Indian politics. Political scenario in India is in a dire need of young participants as they will bring in liveliness, energy, fresher ideas, and most importantly fresh moves towards the development.



6) Saving trees is saving yourself:  We are not children, that we need to discuss why trees are important. The havoc that smog cause, leave all of us exasperated. In the guise of urbanisation the modern lifestyle has left us deprived of the most basic of our needs, clean and fresh air. It's time we realise the dearth of breathable air before it's too late. If saving trees isn't in our control we can do our bit by pledging to plant a tree every year. More and more communities are coming up together to curb the environmental issues that have engulfed us and we must cooperate and participate as much as we can.



7) Educating one child is equivalent to educating a hundred more: Poverty and lack of literacy have been the bane of India for some time now. As citizens we know we are much more! The large population of India has made it difficult for the government to establish enough schools. But we as citizens can sponsor the education of at least one child in our lifetime and help him/her to grow out of the vicious cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Who knows the child grows up to someone who pays it forward and sponsors the education of other young ones.

Doing good is not all that difficult when we have enough drive within to change someone's life for good. A simple act of kindness with a conscious mind can go a long way in our endeavour to create a better India. So step out and make it happen because every good thing begins with “you”