Simmering Love and Togetherness this Valentine's Day


February is the month we all wait for. The month of heart shaped balloons, roses and love songs. It's that time of the year when we celebrate the most beautiful and important human instinct - love.  Although Valentine’s Day has traditionally been related to romantic relationships only, there are different facets to it. This day is all about making it special for our loved ones, be it our parents, siblings or spouse. Some express their love through those priceless gifts, some find a way through gastronomy, and some believe in celebrating by just spending some quality time together.


We had spoken about the journey of relationships evolving in a kitchen in our previous blog JO BIWI SE KARE PYAR. Why not talk about some sweet and simple ways to express our love and gratitude towards your dear ones on this occasion of love and make it a memorable one.



It all starts in the Kitchen:  Kitchen is that part of our homes where most of the love is brewed. The kitchen is where mum packs her love in fancy tiffin boxes for her children. It's a kitchen where the husband tries to put in all his efforts just to cook up a surprise meal for his working wife, to tell her how much she means to him. It's the kitchen when Grandma makes umpteen variety of pickles to be relished by her grandchildren during their annual visits. It's the place where the daughter learns to cook her first dish for her family.

So if you are looking for ideas to make it special for your valentine, you know where you can find your answer. It's been rightly said that the way to someone's heart is through the stomach.



Speak the language of love through meaningful gifts: Your gifts don't always have to be fancy or expensive; sometimes things as simple as a greeting card with tiny love notes can touch hearts. What matters, are the emotions attached to the gifts and not the price tag. Pay close attention to their needs that they fail to express and surprise them with what makes their daily life simple and adds value. Feeding emotions are the best thing you can do to make your loved one feel warm and content in your company.



The best thing you can gift someone is your time: There is nothing more important than giving someone your time. This holds true for any given relationship, be it your spouse, parents, children or friends for that matter. Take some time out from your busy day and make it special for your valentine. Go for an early morning walk or watch the sunset with your partner. Spend the day with your family watching your favourite movie, go for a long drive coupled with your favourite romantic tracks and some quick munchies or any activity which you and your family enjoy together. Building bonds and enhancing them would only get your family members close to you improving trust levels between each other.  


These are some simple gestures that have a huge impact. Eventually, love is best expressed through simplistic acts which can be enhanced through communication and small gifts or gestures. Thinking what to gift your loved one this Valentine’s? Browse through our range of products to find the perfect gift that your valentine deserves.