Love is only real when shared


Go all out this valentine’s day, for it is the season of love beckoning you to express your feelings. Pour out your affection, demonstrate your love in the form of beautiful cards, delicious chocolates, fragrant flowers and special treats to fill in every void that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.


Working couples often miss out on being with each other and long to be together. Cooking together and spending time in the kitchen is a great way to feel intimate and also to unwind. Discover each other’s cooking skills and pamper each other with love and affection. With both the partners contributing in putting a meal together or shopping the grocery list, the time spent together will surely keep the spark alive.

Like a single candle can light up millions, similarly a loving smile and a serving heart is sure to target the intended ones effortlessly, in this love succumbing season.



The delicacies that are sure to spruce up the love in the air are desserts like Caramel Custard, Annam Payasam, Burfi, Almond Muffins, Pista Phirni, Brownie Cake, A lajawab twist in kheer pudding with chocolate,etc

To fulfill the meat lovers, Aalu Gosht, Tandoori Murgh, Shami Kebab, Fish and chips are a complete delight. To begin with heartwarming appetizers for the vegetarians, vegetable bread, Samosa, Chips and Dips, Reshmi Paneer Seekh are a sure hit.

These palate tickling recipes are available at to thrill your evening into a magical one.



Put together a delicious Brownie Cake with Prestige Air-fryer. A simple and yet a heart winning recipe for your loved one. The nutty flavour of walnuts will keep you coming back for more. 

Add a vivacious zest to the Valentine’s champagne by presenting Fish and Chips for the lovely night. It’s crisp and subtle flavour makes it apt for a comforting and romantic evening.


A vegetable delight Vegetable bread roll , a gratifying appetizer for a compatible and adorable couple.

Celebrate love, friendship and admiration with Chips and Dips to add a tangy, crunchy quotient to an engaging conversation. Get the tortillas rolling with some creamy and flavourful dips.
You wouldn’t know if it was the cupid’s arrow that hit you or was it the twist in the kheer pudding with chocolate. This amazing recipe is a must for a spontaneous and pleasant evening.
Valentine’s day is one day where you could showcase your heart filled love in a flamboyant way, to leave an indelible mark in your loved one’s heart. Be taken by surprise by your own charming and witty ways, to capture vivid moments in the flirtatious air with your cherished partner.