Let's Embrace Holi with the Colours of Joy and Love this Spring


Holi has time and again reminded us to believe in the virtue of being truthful and honest and to fight away the evil. The Legend of Holi says that Prahlad, the son of Hiranyakashyap came out unharmed from the fire, as a reward for his extreme devotion to Lord Vishnu. Holika his cruel aunt who had plotted the bonfire and tricked Prahlad to sit on fire with her with an intention to kill him was punished for her baleful desires. The tradition of burning Holika, known as 'Holika Dahan' comes mainly from this legend. Different regions in India have different sentiments attached to this day. Celebrating various legends associated with Holi, reassure us of the power of truth and goodness as the moral and the ultimate victory of good over evil. This is the day when all the people across all caste, creed and religions come together to celebrate the feeling of love and togetherness.


How is Holi celebrated? 

The first day of Holi is celebrated with people usually following the tradition of cleaning their house and burning all the obsolete and unused items, to render their homes pure and free from negativity. In the markets, heaps of colours and gulal adorn the entrance of the shops to attract more customers. On the second day of this festival, the entire country pulls on a blanket of beautiful colours and festivity.

Women begin to prepare themselves for the festival well in advance. They prepare lip-smacking delicacies for their family and relatives to munch on. Younger ones prepare for exciting events on the day. The men walk in huge groups, applying colours on each other and exchanging good wishes. People stack packets of colours at their homes a couple of days before Holi. Children indulge in splashing colourful water on their friends with their pichkaris which now come in different attractive shapes and sizes. There has also been a tradition of consuming bhang and thandai on Holi to further enhance the spirit of this fun filled day.



After, a day of complete hustle and bustle, people are a bit relaxed in the evening and greet their friends and relatives by exchanging sweets and good wishes. Families and friends get together for a satisfying dinner and spend quality time together. People move ahead of their personal differences and make way for a friendly relationship on this day. Holi is the day to forget and forgive.


Eco-friendly Holi for a sustainable future


While the festival of Holi marks the onset of spring, the modern day holi has drifted away from the real values that this day stands for. Holi too has become ruthlessly commercialised, and another source of environmental degradation. There are organisations coming together to de-pollute Holi and make it in sync with nature, as it is supposed to be. Earlier the colours were prepared from natural ingredients like flowers which have medicinal properties. However, with the growing urbanisation, synthetic colours made room in the markets. Most of these colours contain toxic agents that cause various skin ailments.


DIY Natural Holi colours


While we burn our pockets on synthetic colours that do us no good but harm our skin and leave us with ailments, we could actually prepare our own all-natural-colours. Holi festival lovers will be thrilled to know that it is possible to make simple natural colours in one’s own kitchen. Here are some very simple recipes to make natural colours. For yellow mix turmeric (Haldi) powder with chickpea flour (besan) or Boil Marigold or Tesu flowers in water. You can soak a sliced beetroot in water for pink and similarly you can use other natural ingredients to get the desired colours.


Mouth watering delicacies to indulge in this Holi



Holi in India stands as a means of uniting all of us across all religious barriers. The delicacies are just another facet of this colourful day. What occasion is complete without a set of mouth-watering Pakwans and desserts giving their finishing touch?

Now you can make delicious Pav Bhaji, Narangi Nariyal ka Ladoo, Puri Bhaji and Badam Halwa by referring to our downloadable Holi recipe book from prestigesmartchef.com and make the most out of this festival.

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