A Clean Home for you


A home is where your heart is and so is your health. Prestige has come out with a new range of cleaning tools to help you.



Prestige offers a variety of Mops like Magic Mop for sake of ease, convenience and squeaky clean floors. They take care of your home with utmost efficiency with conservation of water usage too. The inbuilt rinse function keeps your hands away from getting soiled while rinsing the mop, the unique 360-degree steel spinner reaches all inaccessible areas for efficient and satisfactory cleaning. Choose from the latest additions of the mop to pamper your home.



Fantastic stick mops with invincible functions that clean with specialised features are here to cater to all cleaning needs with hygiene. To name a few, the spray mop, squeeze mop, twister mop, cotton stick mop with highly absorbent intertwined threads, microfiber clip mop with super absorbent microfiber head, cotton twister mop with twist squeeze technology, etc.



With the latest additions of mops, access not only your floors, even the ceilings, walls and fans with the Dry Mop. The extendable handles offer total comfort and ease, the mop head is washable and reusable. The Broom is great for dry or wet cleaning with a single swipe with its long handle, densely and evenly distributed bristles in its brush.  These mops are most inviting to use, that work with efficiency in all hands.


Kitchen Wiper, Window Cleaner, Dish Brush 



The windows, mirrors, shelves, kitchen slabs, gas stoves, kitchen tiles, sinks, windshields can now be cleaned effortlessly and efficiently with the new array of cleaning implements. The kitchen wiper, window cleaner, dish brush, etc do wonders to every demanding nook and corner of your home.


Dust Pan Set


Hassle free dust collection without bending with the Dustpan set is now possible. For light and heavy scrubbing without contacting the dust directly, there is yet another suitable Dust Pan set.


Classy Step Bins


Modern homes deserve aesthetic and hygienic bins to keep them classy and clean. Prestige offers stainless steel exterior bins with interior plastic buckets with a handle for ease of disposal of waste. No need to touch the lid of the bin, as it opens with the light tap of your foot on its foot pedal. For responsible citizens, Prestige has introduced the new twin bin that helps to segregate waste in the same unit. It becomes easy to select the specific portion of the bin to be opened with its colour coded foot pedal. It comes with a generous 8-litre capacity inner plastic buckets for convenient disposal. Varying capacities of bins are available to cater to the needs of your home.