Choose a Pressure Cooker that’s just right for you


It is a moment of joy when you bring home your choice of a pressure cooker. Did you buy it for that special stew you are going to prepare for it or rather your favourite soup to cut down inches on your waistline? It could be for your rich weekly specialities like chana, rajma, biryani or mutton keema. Or even to prepare special foods for your pet. The best part is, with Prestige’s wide range of modern, innovative, smart and trusted the range of pressure cookers, there is an apt cooker for every single individual to satisfy every single requirement.

 Aluminium | SS | HA | Microchef - all linked to outer lid PC with correct filters

Would you want to buy a smart and efficient cooker exclusively for cooking alone? Or would you want to buy an elegant, vibrant, efficient and stylish cooker to cook and serve in the same?

Aluminium, stainless steel or hard anodised, which cooker would you prefer?

You might want to have an aluminium pressure cooker, a stainless steel one, a hard anodised one, a plastic microwave pressure cooker... How would you go about selecting this?

Aluminium cookers

If you are looking for lightweight, cost effective and durable cookers for regular daily cooking chores, Aluminium cookers would be a great choice. Select Aluminium cookers are available in vibrantly painted colour finishes as well.


Stainless steel cookers

Cookers with the classy finish, that are easy to maintain, extremely durable and stay as good as new for a long time to come, stainless steel cookers would be your definite choice.


Hard anodised cookers

If you are a huge aluminium cooker fan, you would definitely reach out for Hard anodised cookers. They are a evolved version of aluminium cookers. They are more sturdy and durable than their pure aluminium counterparts. Their design, colour and elegance prompt you to cook and serve in them. They are easy to maintain being scratch, stick and stain resistant.


Plastic Pressure Cooker - Microwave pressure cooker

Speedy cooking in the microwave is further enhanced by using the Prestige microwave pressure cooker. Aroma and nutrition is preserved as the food is cooked faster and in a closed utensil



 Outer lid and inner lid pressure cookers, both are precious


  • Outer lid cookers exclusively work well for using separators and idli stand for cooking. Outer lid cookers can also be used for direct vessel cooking.

  • The inner lid cookers are good for direct vessel cooking

  • Clip-on Universal lid - Any direction lid locking with easy 3 finger operation, this common lid fits any cookware in its range effectively making the cookware into a pressure cooker. And yes it can be used for both direct vessel and separator cooking! Now saute, fry, deep, fry, boil and pressure cook all in one vessel. 



Pamper your needs with cookers ranging anywhere from 1.5 - 20 litres capacity


  • Large capacity ones would accommodate to prepare a sumptuous meal for a lovely guest gathering.

  • 7.5,10,12 litre capacity cookers would tend to a gathering starting from 7 up to 11-12 people.

  • Medium capacity cookers like 5-7 litre ones would satisfy 3-7 people easily. They would serve you for your regular daily cooking purposes.

  • Preparing meals using separators and idli stand within the cooker would again call for a large capacity one. 6.5 Litre is the ideal size for becoming your daily cooking warhorse.

  • A small capacity one would be satisfactory to prepare a small meal just for yourself or for  2-4 individuals. Say 2-4 litre ones would be great for this purpose.


Check out the bottom of the cookers!

Cookers crafted with induction bases work with finesse both on the gas and the induction cooktop.

Meticulously crafted bases for superior heat distribution to cooking delicious food

  • The Anti-bulge bottom encompasses a triple layer base to retain the shape of the cooker for a long time to come. These are crafted especially for gas cooking purposes.

  • The perforated stainless steel plate on the base of cookers make it ideal for both induction cooking and gas stove cooking.

  • The Alpha stainless steel full plate induction bottom performs with 30% more efficiency than the regular induction compatible cookers.

Which shape of cooker would you get drawn to?

The shape of the cooker is another consideration to have. Which one is suited to your cooking habits and style is totally your personal choice.

Apple shaped cooker - a stunning premium pressure cooker for a contemporary kitchen with the highest level of safety.

Cute cooker - Its unique super cute design with a wide base makes stirring easy and convenient transfer of food without spillage.

Pressure pan -  its shallow height and wide mouth are ideal for frying and pressure cooking.

Handi shaped cooker -  The handi shaped one is ideal for aromatic rice preparations, especially for biryanis.

Straight wall (regular) pressure cooker - Cook in a smart way for regular cooking with the highest level of safety.

Clip-on pressure cookware - Comes in 2 sizes 3 Litres and 5 litres and in 3 shapes - kadhai, straight wall or handi. They come with a universal lid concept which can make any cookware in its series into a  pressure cooker


Want help with the entire selection process, and also see the demo of the products visit any of our Prestige Smart kitchen stores. We are currently celebrating Prestige Smart Kitchen Spotlight Pressure Cooker festival. To know more read here.

So which one of these elegant and efficient models would suit your needs? The culinary journey only gets better with these innovative cookers in terms of nutrition and taste. Putting a meal together in a matter of minutes with safety, style and elegance is an exhilarating experience every single time. It is time to make those cookers yours, based on your art and style of cooking. To locate the nearest store where you can find the latest and best range of Pressure Cookers always - click here