Break the Monotony this Summer


It is time to help your kids break free this summer, to discover their hidden talents, to enjoy the most! Is it time to climb that neighbour’s giant mango trees, or to have sleepovers with their best buddies that you turned down so often? Or it could be time to help them shed away those barriers that have kept them away from their dreams!  


What is Summer like?



Summer is like that sprawling luscious green lawn waiting for your children to experience the moist warmth, to sweat out the boredom and to indulge in an unending list of hobbies that had been tucked away for later realisation.


Make their wishes come true



It is time to visit their favourite cousins, grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends, to let them get pampered thoroughly and to express your love towards them. Help them Bond with their elders by listening to their crazy fables along with them, encompassing their share of wild and young days.


Make them enjoy the fresh morning breeze along with the rustling of dried leaves under their bike tyres
Get them to get their dust laden bike out to go exploring those rustic trails around with their group of buddies. This is one of the best summer activities that all kids look forward to. Inspire them to collect interesting nature objects along the way to make a collage out of it. Add some life to these escapades with some secret seven adventures from Enid Blyton.
Release those pent up energies 
What better way to cool on a hot summer day than to have an exciting water balloon fight! Or to camp at a lake side and go for a swim in the glistening waters. A visit to the famous amusement or water park would do wonders too with your brood.
Let their creative juices flow
It is time to give a makeover to your child’s neglected room. Summer is a great time for kids to indulge in art and craft activities. Churn out your origami skills and make lovely objects along with your children and help them to hang them from the ceiling. Collect rocks together and help paint on them to transform them as colourful paperweights.
A game or two to turn your family evenings exciting

Some of the learning games for kids would be dumb charades, pictionary or bingo, which could very well light up a dull and warm night.

Go green
Give it your best shot to help them plant and nurture a garden of herbs and veggies. It can even be in small glass containers on their desks.
Don your chef’s Hat
Bake your best cookies, make ice cream sandwiches or muffins and draw everyone at home to help you craft those mouth watering delicacies with tempting aromas. Beam with pride after with your little wondrous chefs.
Help them explore the world of books

Put them onto a literal journey with detective series, mystery novels or those spine chilling horror stories to ward away any dull moment lingering around.

It is the much awaited break after all that your family has been craving for, especially after those back breaking examinations. So refresh every moment with a carefree and bold attitude, for these times are never going to come back for all or you. But yes, they can always be stored away in the scaffolds of their memory to reiterate their cherished fables with loved ones.