IPL Fever


Feel the adrenaline rush this IPL


IPL is not just plain cricket. It is the nation’s passion, it is what that ties the entire country in one knot. A professional Twenty20 cricket league that has been consistently contested on Indian soil every year during the summer months of April and May, for a decade now.


What is Indian Premier League about? 



It is one kind of fever that is treated rigorously with Live cricket involving competing teams inclusive of international talent, cricket news, cricket videos and photos, commentary, highlights and super fast score updates.


Ambience of IPL party organised at home 



Set the right tone and rhythm to the enthralling IPL party, by passing around whistles, headgears, trumpets, wristbands, pom-poms to the exuberant guests. Colourful balloons that gel with the participating teams, a few favourite cricketers posters and a continuous flow of abounding snacks and refreshments would set the ball rolling.


Delicious snacks to balance the pulsating trepidation

Sweet, spicy, tangy, crispy and creamy textures of various delectable snacks make this occasion memorable. Combine cricket with food, shall we?


Opening batsmen on the field

You could serve Lamb Momos with Sweet Chilli sauce with the entry of the opening batsmen on the field.This particular combo could help the guests gear up to action.


Not Out

How about  to reach out for the Spiced Fruit Chaat when your favourite batsmen have been announced: “Not Out?”


Boundaries Sixes

Coffee with Ice Cream  would help to cool the rising excitement with that sixer taking off like lightning. Basil Butter Bread would melt down your throat smoothly at the stroke of swift Boundaries.


Maiden Over

Tantalise the taste buds with Honey Chilli Potatoes when there is a dull maiden over.


Clean Bowled, Caught or Run Out

Spread cheer with Vegetable Macaroni doing the rounds to counter the disappointing emotion of a clean bowled, caught or a run-out player.


How’s That

Handle this apprehensive moment with the crunch of Zucchini Fritters, when the player appeals to the umpire.


All Rounder Player

Sip on that refreshing Orange Smoothie to watch the madness unfold with your All-rounder player on the field.



Celebrate a century with Mushroom Manchurian


No balls and Wides

Welcome the Idli Chaat for the extra adding up score. 

Leg Before Wicket

The Omelette Bun would douse down the sinking loss of your favourite batsman.


Tail-ender Batsmen

Palak Kebab could just sail you over the last few overs of the match to satiate your spirit.


Get your match buddies at home this 10th IPL season and celebrate the spirit of cricket along with some great food and enthusiasm.

The irresistible easy to cook snacks would go extremely well with the gurgling IPL excitement and shrieking lungs. So get ready Smart Chefs, it’s time to party