Aesthetics and Smart Functionality are the new Kitchen Essentials

Modularity, minimal aesthetics, and top-notch functionality are what modern kitchens are all about. Indian kitchens are an elemental part of our homes and are increasingly becoming an extension of the living space. Kitchens, today are rapidly changing into the lavish centre points where you don't simply cook, you rather hang out with companions and guests. Clearly, the part of our home that we love to flaunt and this is what has pushed the Indian homemakers to readily trade off their money for fine furnishings and appliances. Aesthetics have become equally important as performance.

Chasing the "WOW" Factor

Sophisticated fittings and appliances like modular chimneys, slim hob tops, wall-mounted shelves and the wooden panels do a lot more than merely making our kitchens appear drool-worthy and uplifting the whole kitchen experience for us. Our choice of kitchen products also influences our sense of self to a great extent. Our belongings are our extended self and they strongly reflect our identities and also our aspirations. And, as mentioned aforesaid our kitchens ate that part of the house that is most exposed to our peers after the living space, there is absolutely no denial of the fact that the Indian consumers today are not wavering to spend that extra penny to make their homes stand out. Moreover, who wants to come home to a kitchen which looks more like a dungeon.


Heavy Returns on Investments


Be it for your personal use or for a resale venture, an inflated spending on kitchen never fails to fetch you huge returns. A well equipped and aesthetically alluring kitchen can make your home irresistible for a prospective buyer. Ideally, kitchen upgrades win you a profitability of about seventy percent during resale. Makers today are singlemindedly designing products that not only appeal to the masses but also offer maximum utility to their users.


Stunner - Four Zone Built-in Induction Cooktop

Prestige introduces its path breaking innovation with the Stunner - four zone built-in Induction cooktop. An induction cooktop that adds glamour, convenience and performance to your modern kitchen all at once. Literally a stunner, this product will definitely replace the conventional hobs in the modern kitchens of India.

What makes Stunner so Exclusive?

Prestige Stunner is thoughtfully designed to revolutionise the Indian cooking culture and hence it offers Indian cooking menu options to suit the cooking requirements of Indian users. It is a smart four zone (like four burners) built in Induction cooktop with a smart touch control panel which helps you adjust the temperature with a slight touch of your fingertips.

Crafted with world-class components from E.G.O. Germany, and Schott Ceran German glass, it adds an element of elegance to your kitchen along with an unbeatable durability. Unlike any other product, Prestige Stunner is made in India and is available at a competitive price so that you can make it your own without having to exceed your budget assigned for your dream kitchen. Since it is easy to maintain, it creates a hygienic environment in your kitchen. Its consistent performance and smooth functioning are taken care of with a fantastic network of service centres at various locations.