Why are Indians opting for induction hobs over the gas stoves


Have you been thinking that gas stoves are the best way to cook? Then it's time you reconsider your idea about an effective and smart cooking station. Gas stoves v/s induction has been a matter of debate for a while now, but if the new age cooktops have created such a demand in the cooking segment, there has to be a solid reason to it. Let's take a look at how the induction cooktops have taken over the traditional gas stoves and electric heaters.


How does an induction cooktop work?



Before we get into any comparison between induction cooktops and gas stoves let's first understand how an induction cooktop works. An induction fundamentally uses electromagnetic energy to directly heat pans and vessels unlike the gas and electric cooktops that heat indirectly, with the help of either a burner or a heating element. Induction cooktops employ a series of magnets that excite the iron atoms in a pan to generate heat. This means induction cooktops not only heat up faster, but their temperature controls are much more precise.


A detailed list of pros and cons of gas-stove cooking and that of induction





Gas Hobs

  • One of the most obvious advantages of gas cooktops is there is absolutely no electricity power loss as there is no dependency on electricity.

  • Cooking in gas cooktops can be a messy affair as the food usually spills over the metal grates which are extremely difficult to clean.

  • Every new gas cylinder for the gas stove, needs a professional assistance for the installation.

  • The above reason gives rise to a several potential threats. The gas can leak into your house and create breathing problems and fire.

Induction Cooktop

  • Unlike gas cooktops induction cooking directly heats the cooking vessel through the magnetic field which not only save you time but a lot of energy as it is more energy efficient

  • The heat from the induction is confined to the cooking vessel ensuring maximum safety to the users.

  • Most obvious disadvantage of using induction cooking is it only works with pots, pans and other cooking vessels made of magnet compatible materials.

  • Power Interruption can be caused as the induction cooktops are wholly dependent on electricity


Why is an induction cooktop better?



Now that you know how an induction works, it's worth noting that the surface of the cooktop always remains cool as the heat is only induced when the cookware is placed on the surface. It not only ensures you maximum safety but also saves you a lot of energy. Many induction cooktops these days come with automatic switch  off systems which means the cooktop automatically shuts down when there is no cooking vessel placed on top of it. Moreover an induction cooktop can reach a threshold of temperature as low as 38 °C as compare to gas stove which can only go down to 52.5°C thus making it apt for delicate cooking. You can also use this feature to keep your food warm without the fear of it getting burnt.


Built-in induction cooktop - Future of Indian Cooking



The way India cooks has been evolving in beautiful ways. We have come a long way from the traditional way of cooking in chulaah using coal. The Indian homemakers seek efficiency and high productivity from all her kitchen appliances. That's what has pushed us to innovate something as path breaking as the Stunner built in induction cooktop. A studious blend of German technology and a design to suit Indian cooking style, the Prestige Stunner 4 Zone Built-In Induction is built to hike your cooking experience by several notches. The stylish and sleek induction cooktop comes with 4 cooking zones, smart slide temperature control, timer function and also added safety with the child lock system. This cooktop has been thoughtfully designed to suit the Indian cooking needs with pre-set Indian cooking menu options. It not only gives your kitchen the looks you have always dreamt of but also gives you the power of a ‘kitchen goddess’. You can multitask absolutely free of hassle while the safety features make way for a carefree and safe cooking.


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