Prestige Mega Exchange: Your Dream Kitchen within your Reach


The adage “Kitchen is the heart of the home” has a good solid reason to it. Needless to say how it is the busiest part of your house with some part of the family always around it. In due course of time families grow, lifestyles change and so do our needs.Hence a kitchen upgrade becomes important! Many such upgrades might seem quite redundant to you but can go a long way in improving your experience. Let us see some of the compelling reasons to upgrade.




A beautiful kitchen is everyone's weakness. Don't we all dream of that spacious and perfectly colour coordinated kitchen which takes all our visitors by awe. Kitchen design trends keep changing, therefore, it is good to keep in touch and upgrade continuously.  It is not always about a complete redo, but small upgrades to kitchen appliances can have a great impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Prestige offers a range of products that have been crafted to help your kitchen catch up to the trends.




What defines a smart kitchen for you? An appliance that gives you the freedom to you sit back and relax, while you enjoy your favourite movie with your family rather than waiting by the stove for the “ teesri whistle”, or may be a mixer grinder that takes care of all your blending chores in just a press of a button. New smart appliances from Prestige allow you to break free from the mundane.





What good is a kitchen that doesn't let you taste the life of it. Upgrade your kitchen to appliances that save you time for things that really matter. The whole idea behind upgrading to a smarter kitchen is to give you all the ease that seemed impossible till a few years back. Cooking should be about assembling your love on a dish, and should not be a struggle. Get these amazing Prestige products and make cooking easy;






We have all been suffering the wrath of our sedentary nine to five lifestyle. Barely left with any time for healthy practices like exercising and meditating, making changes to our eating habits and upgrading to a kitchen that facilitates the same is the call of the hour. Incorporate fresh fruits, use less oil while frying and get rid of those harmful chemicals in your ingredients. Prestige provides solutions in all these areas for you;





So what’s your excuse?


We often find ourselves stuck even when we are willing to upgrade. Don't we? Sometimes it's our tight finances and sometimes the existing appliances hold us back. If you are still wondering what happens to your existing appliances and utensils, we have got it sorted for you.



Prestige Mega Exchange lets you upgrade to advanced kitchen appliances in exchange for the existing ones along with a discount. Upgrade your kitchen with the latest and innovative Prestige products without having to shell out a fortune. So what are you waiting for? Do away with your apprehensions, collect all your old appliances and march to your nearest Prestige Smart Kitchen Store NOW!

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