Happy ending with a new beginning

Happy ending with a new beginning

While kids are sad that the vacations are getting over in a week or two the moms are sure to feel the pangs too “What to cook for kids tomorrow?” is a dread question and part of every discussion. While kids get ready to go to new class, new session, new books. It's time you also reassess your kitchen equipment and see where new beginnings can be made.


An enthusiastic beginning of the new academic year wants you to help your child to face the demanding challenges with great health. Since the tail end of the vacation is soon catching up, it is time to spruce up your kitchen to send your kid off to school with nutritious and delicious food, that can be put together quickly and efficiently.


Break time should be a fun time, where your child should eagerly look forward to opening his or her tiffin box to satiate those monstrous hunger pangs.


Make your kitchen a signature kitchen



 It is time to upgrade your kitchen with implements that would actually help you to work efficiently without toiling for long hours in the kitchen..Some modern good looking equipment or innovative appliances which will inspire you to bring out your creative best in the rush hour in the morning.  Let’s look at the interesting implements that simplify our efforts for greater inviting results.

Fresh and tasty till the last drop


Juices that are fresh and delicious are sure to wake up and rejuvenate your child’s entire being in the morning. Prestige Slow juicer that is fondly called Squeeze nourishes you to health with every drop. Cut fruits and vegetables are juiced in a jiffy without seeds, pulp and foam. The freshness of the juice can be relished even several hours later if your child insists on carrying it to school.


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Rotis that are made into wraps with scrumptious stuffing 



Soft rotis are made effortlessly with Prestige Roti maker at your dining table, not in the sweltering heat of your kitchen. Roll the roti into wraps carrying interesting vegetables or cottage cheese with delectable chutney or sauces for a satisfactory meal. Your efforts would be quite rewarding when you find just a crumb or two in the empty lunch box when your child returns from school.


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Unending rice preparations to entice your child



You could never run out of ideas with this precious Prestige Rice Cooker at your service. Healthy Spinach rice, Methi rice, Fried rice, Tomato rice, Chicken biryani, Egg biryani, Green Peas pulao, etc can be prepared to perfection for a fulfilling meal. This multi tasker can churn out a power packed porridge for your kid to send him or her all charged up to school. Get the rice cooker to working while you are at other chores, including reminding your child of the clock ticking away to rush to school.


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Grilled Sandwiches with cheese



Grilled sandwiches are welcome any time of the day. With Prestige Sandwich Maker, prepare crispy grilled sandwiches with butter, cheese and assorted vegetables, that are going to be gorged on during the break in spite of stealing glances from friends.

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All is well in the morning





A quick hot chocolate, porridge or even a fluffy omelet are true saviors in the rush hours of the morning during school days. With Prestige Induction Cooktop in your kitchen, chances of you being behind time are negligible. No fear of grabbing hot fry pans, sauce pans or utensils when your mind is darting at an incredible speed with the user-friendly induction cooktop.

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Be a Super Mom with this versatile pressure cookware 



A variety of foodstuffs are fried, steamed, stir fried or even pressure cooked in the versatile  Prestige Clip-on pressure cookware. Deep fry a batch of French fries, stir fry delicious Aglio e olio Pasta, prepare Pav Bhaji, Paneer Bhurji, etc from start to finish in the same cookware and of course go ahead and even steam soft fluffy Idlis.

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Tawa that keeps up with the variety of Parathas



Aloo Paratha, Methi Theplas, Gobi Parathas, Cheese Parathas, Baida Rotis, French Toast, etc are roasted to an inviting golden brown color on this addictive Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Tawa. It sure is a treat for your child as you can have a controlled hand on the amount of ghee or butter you use to cook on this tawa, being a high-performance non-stick tawa.


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Keep your hands free while you multitask



Make mouth-watering chutneys, dips, hummus to go with pita bread, fantastic smoothies, perfect batter for idlis, dosas, pancakes, etc with Prestige Automatik Mixer Grinder. It grinds with precision automatically at a set timer, without you waiting around for the process.


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Breeze through your mornings with thoughtful menus that will keep your child enthusiastic and joyful for the upcoming school year. With latest innovative cookware and appliances donning your kitchen, it becomes simple and easy to nurture your family to health. There is going to be no second thought in preparing any dish on the demand list with such a spruced up kitchen.