Its your Earth! Consume with care


It’s world environment day and now is our chance to retrospect if we have been able to do our bit to sustain the gift of nature. Ever since its inception in 1972, citizens across the world have made efforts on this day to make the people aware of the impact that our actions cause to the environment.

In our endeavour to create a world that is more environmentally vigilant, we at Prestige have introduced a range of products that can help you do your bit to give back to nature only a tiny fraction of what we have taken from her.


Green cooking with Prestige Induction Cooktops



Families today are moving increasingly towards more environment-friendly modes of cooking. The Prestige Induction Cook-Top comes with the unique power saver technology making the best option for an environment-friendly kitchen. It emits fewer greenhouse gases by using electrical energy. Features like, the whistle counter and timer, automatically switches off the stove and minimises energy wastage.

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Go natural with Squeezo - Slow Juicer



Prestige Squeezo - Slow Juicer helps you extract every drop of the fruits and vegetables and at the same time, preserves the freshness and nutrition provided by nature. Go natural with Prestige Squeezo.

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Chemical-free cleaning with Prestige Dynamo Steam Cleaner


The Prestige Steam Vacuum Cleaner consumes less water than conventional cleaning methods and cleans the toughest stains with just high pressure and steam and without the use of any chemicals.

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Manage waste responsibly with the Prestige Flip Bin



Did you know that most of the environmental issues could be resolved with much ease if we dumped our waste responsibly? All the wet waste can easily be composted and the dry ones be recycled, only if we segregated them at the source. The Prestige Triple Flip Bin enables you to do just that, segregate wastes in 3 ways and helps save the strain on the environment.

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Everything you do or do not do has an impact on the environment. No matter how underrated it might sound, all it takes is a conscious mind and a little effort. So this environment day, let us all make a collective effort to sustain the goodness of the earth and also make others aware of its importance.