Monsoon Maza

Revelry during the Monsoon Season

The lush green expanse on this earth suddenly throbs with a new lease of life once wet with the cooling showers of the monsoon. The relief from the sweltering heat shifts your focus to make the most of this season.


What does the monsoon bring to you along with its cool showers

  1. The monsoon season wants you to plonk at your favourite friend’s place to just watch the curtain of rain changing your dusty and smoggy city into a scenic spot with a new demeanour.

  2. It gets your imagination to soar into avenues that you had probably not dared to explore. The cool breeze of the showers may want you to play your favourite instrument that was tucked away below the staircase or into a murky corner of your loft.

  3. The sensational showers may set you off to drawing out albums that play melodious tunes to describe the magical feeling of this season.

  4. Ofcourse, not to forget the insatiable craving for chatpata foods, hot chocolate for the young, steaming teas with the goodness of herbs, masala chai with crispy pakoras, sizzling brownies from your oven and so on, which add an extra zeal to the elevated mood during this refreshing season.


Stay healthy and vibrant this monsoon season with some care and thought

  1. Drink boiled and filtered water during the entire monsoon season to safeguard yourself  from waterborne diseases.

  2. Avoid green leafy vegetables during this season, they are most often contaminated.

  3. Abstain from roadside juice stalls and from street foods during this season. Stick to freshly prepared home cooked food to add to the flavours of this season.

  4. Plenty of herbal teas infused with ginger, pepper, honey, mint and basil are excellent to ward off infections during the monsoons due to their antibacterial properties.

  5. Hot piping soups, stews are good replacements to heavy meat based curries. Fish is definitely to be avoided as they spawn during this season and are not likely to be fresh.

  6. Pamper your taste buds with ghee in your food. It enhances digestion, boosts immunity, increases your stress fighting capacity and improves memory.

  7. Keep your energy levels high with Yoga, light dancing, swimming and stretching rather than indulging in heavy exercises like running, cycling etc.

  8. Light foods should take over the heavy foods to sail through the monsoon with easy digestion. Corn, oatmeal, steamed vegetables, khichdi etc would consolidate for a good and light diet.

  9. Sleeping after a meal may add to the woes of acidity and indigestion. Let at least 2 hours go by before you hit the sack.

  10. Make way for garlic in your chutneys and dals to spike up the taste and to shield you from infections this monsoon season.


Foodstuffs that you would love to indulge during this monsoon


Don your chef hat and perform some wonders in your well equipped modern kitchen to master recipes with an innovative streak so apt for the season. 

Now you can make delicious Hot fried jalebi dipped in sugar syrup, Moong Dal Pakoras, Masala Chai , Herbal Tea , Hot Soup, Hot Potato StewVegetable Oats Khichdi, Chilli Paneer Dry, by referring to our special collections page on and make the most out of this monsoon.


Monsoon season is enjoyed best when the right foodstuffs are consumed in the safety of your home prepared with freshness and hygiene. Enjoy the gentle and vigorous showers gallantly to celebrate the vagaries of this season.