Is your maid a Devil or a Darling


Are you wiping that brow of anticipation when the clock has ticked away beyond the time of arrival of your maid? Or are you trying to hide away that worried expression on your face by flashing an artificial smile at your mother-in-law in the morning, when your maid has not showed up for work? How I seriously wish that I felt confident even in her absence.


My maid is a storehouse of excuses

  1. I am not the kind who neglects duties - When you ask your maid, why the clothes haven’t been ironed? She says that they were not completely dry.

  2. I am a human being too - The most common one is - “I forgot.” I forgot to shut the motor while the overhead tank poured out its abundance. You dare tell her that you will cut her pay for calling the water tanker!

  3. The wrath of inflation - When you ask your maid why she is late and she says she had to run to get her ration. Do you even know how expensive things have gotten?


What are the reasons that make me feel so dependent on my maid


  1. To have that steaming hot cup of tea served to you in the morning

  2. To let you know that you have run out of milk or bread on time when you have forgotten to peek into your refrigerator.

  3. To attend to the doorbell when you are in the midst of a winning argument with your spouse

  4. To sparkle your crockery when you have guests over

  5. When your kid is throwing a tantrum and she arrives to distract him or her to relieve you.

  6. Or when she comes to your rescue when you have spilt something accidentally on your floor or on your sofa set.


Does your share of story go like this?


When your maid feels she knows what she is doing but she actually doesn’t! This sure sounds familiar…

  1. Is this not very evident?

Overloading the washing machine and bringing it to an annoying halt.

  1. Is this a memory game or what?

Mixing up the pairs of socks especially having to find the right pair when you are running late to office.

  1. Is that burnt toast staring at you in the morning?

Just burning that toast when you are at the breakfast table for a quick bite.

  1. That charger solely belongs to me

She taking away your charger to charge her phone at her convenient location when you are hunting for it all over the place.

  1. Depleting earth’s water resources

Not utilizing the stored water but rather letting the water run continuously while doing the dishes.

  1. Do I have to eat with such cutlery?

Having the dishwashing soap stains on your cutlery and having to rinse them once again before you sit down to gorge on your meal impatiently.

  1. Is this fair?

Using up the laundry soap and standing at the door sheepishly that you need to order it immediately, otherwise there is going to be no laundry done.

  1. She can’t articulate what she wants

Informing you to get a particular item when she is actually meaning some other item from your grocery store.

  1. The Garbage lid yawning open

Not throwing the garbage on time, letting it overpour so much that the lid remains open.

  1. How many times should I remind her?

Stacking back wet utensils instead of wiping them dry before putting them back in their place.

  1. Is she paying the electricity bill?

Leaving the lights and fan on when she has completed her chore in that particular room.

  1. Get hold of yourself

She frequently forgets to complete her chores, leaving something or the other for the next day. Like not wiping the table clean after a meal or leaving the bathroom floor dry after washing.

  1. It is a discovery channel all over again

She avoids informing you when certain things go wrong, and then you discovering that a cup or glass has been broken when the crockery set is found incomplete.


What do you love them for?


  1. Asks me if she should do certain things which has slipped out of my mind. Like cutting a fruit or salad in addition to her other kitchen chores.

  2. Reminding me to buy certain things from the supermarket before she is left stranded without them.

  3. Her sincerity in borrowing money only when she absolutely needs it.

  4. Her Honesty - Reminding me that she has taken an advance when I begin to pay her her entire salary.

  5. She continues to work on in spite of her feeling under the weather.

  6. Her Thoughtfulness - Using up of vegetables that have been previously purchased instead of utilizing the fresher lot.

  7. Using smaller containers to store away food in the refrigerator to utilize space more effectively.

  8. She informing me beforehand that she requires leave for a certain number of days or if she is running late.

  9. She coming running towards you when the mobile phone is ringing and you are someplace else.

The journey with your maid

The journey with your maid is a railroad that has to be travelled together. So in order to make the travel less bumpy, it is necessary to address issues with a hint of understanding and empathy.

You don’t want this love-hate relationship on the rocks by reacting in the heat of the moment.


Blessing in disguise




Modern and well-equipped kitchens are a blessing in disguise that helps you sail through trying days when your maid does not show up. Prestige is another name for convenience that offers a practical solution for every chore that keeps your home functioning smoothly. Innovative appliances and kitchenware are available at your disposal that encourages a family to chip in to contribute in every way they can. Enjoy the best of both worlds that is the independent you and the invaluable help your maid has to offer!