It's Berries all the way



June, July and August are the delightful months of the berries. Juicy, pulpy, colourful and healthy berries offer a respite from the hot summer season with its exalting sweet and sour flavours.


Roll along with the Berries



Cranberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, etc from the health treasure just keep you wanting more of it.


How to make the most of the Berry season



Start your day with a berry rich breakfast by topping your cereal bowl with your favourite berries or treat yourself with yummy berry rich pancakes. You could mix them up with yogurt to sum up your lunch. To just fill in the voids in your stomach, snack in between with berry laden whole grain muffins, whipped up berrylicious smoothies or shakes. The berries in the season can make your salads interesting. Pep up your boring salads with berries that could be either fruit salads or leafy green salads.

What would you do with berries?



Food for thought! You could you use them to garnish or finish off a dish. Or you could use them like how cooks use herbs in dishes! How about using them in abundance for that nutty and juicy crunch?  They could be used as the very building blocks of the dish itself.

Interesting isn’t it? How infatuated are you with these berries?



The Berries with Benefits

Being an antioxidant powerhouse they are incredible in slowing the ageing process and aid in neutralising the free radical damage to the cells, thereby keeping cancer at bay. They offer the ultimate brain protection helping you think better, learn better and remember better. Fibre rich Berries keep you satiated, helping you watch your weight. Berries keep you protected from heart diseases, diabetes, urinary tract infections, etc.


Berries frozen or Berries fresh



It is interesting to know that you benefit a lot through the fresh, nutritious and delicious berries. But what you definitely need to know is that frozen berries don’t fall behind in their benefits. The ice crystals that form during the freezing process allow more antioxidants to be available to enrich you.

Smoothies, ice creams, pancakes or muffins, it is berries all the way. They are full of seeds, full of fiber, but very delicious with the typical nutty crunch and juicy explosion. But what is perfect about the berries is that they add the right amount of sweetness to your dishes or smoothies without having to add additional sugar. So what is your berry story like?