The Joy of Being Healthy



Being Healthy is a way of life, a way of being with true joy. Being in the pink of one's health is something we all endear. Imagine to be able to go on a vacation in the best of your health, trek challenging trails with confidence, soak in nature’s beauty and feel exhilarated.  The invigorated feeling when you wade through cold streams and waterfalls without a second thought of catching a cold. On the other hand, being at your favourite concert, feeling the adrenaline rush and you end up not being able to keep up with the tempo! That is clearly not happening!



The Joy of being “Healthy” when it comes to eating

To be able to embark on various culinary journeys, without thinking twice whether you can stomach it.

How you would just love to go ahead and have your fill of chaats without worrying whether it is going to hit your throat or stomach. To swirl your tongue around that dollop of ice cream and let it melt away as you relish every swig of the creamy scoop. The joy to relish the Indian Mithai or the chocolate doughnut without worrying about your waistline. Or just eat the salad for the true love of it rather than crunching away every bite reminding you that it is good for your health.

You wouldn’t want to eat the sprouts thinking “is this necessary on my plate?” The texture and taste should be relished without a single thought of resentment.



A good way to indulge in meals

To begin with don’t deprive yourself of any kind of food as long as you don’t overindulge.

Consuming the wrong food and too much of it would cause indigestion, discomfort and accumulation of waste in your body to pile up layers of fat eventually.  Eating the right amount of the right type of food will keep you healthy. The light feeling post such a meal would keep you light on your feet all day.

What is important about having the last meal of the day?

It would not be a good idea to have an elaborate dinner just because you have the time and full intention to gorge on it. Sleep on a well satiated stomach but not an overstuffed stomach.

Make time for snacks during the day so that you are eating enough and wisely during your prime and well spaced out meals. Fruits, nuts, roasted puffed rice with peanuts, etc make great snacks.



How to fuel your system?

Begin your day with a wholesome breakfast that incorporates a good amount of whole grain cereals to bring in carbohydrates , sufficient amount of protein comprising yogurt, milk, cheese,etc and the right amount of nuts to fuel your system into your busy day. Include fresh cold pressed juices to kick start your metabolism with vitality.




Juices to Rejuvenate

Prestige Slow Juicer would help you extract maximum juice from your choice of select ingredients or milk your almonds, coconut and various nuts. With this super efficient appliance in your kitchen you get to begin your day with amazing juices with freshness and great taste. Cold pressed fresh juices enrich your body with maximum nutrients extracted from fresh raw fruits and vegetables. The great benefit here is that there are no loss of nutrients either due to heating or cooking process. There is an instantaneous surge in energy levels, boosts your immunity levels, gives you loads of fiber that aids the digestive system, protects you against cancer and helps you to stabilize your weight. The best part is you get to include the specific fruits and vegetables in your daily diet in the form of fresh juice which you may avoid eating. 




What is good for my gut

Foods become healthy when they are consumed after the impurities like chemicals, pesticides and harmful bacteria have been effectively eliminated. Prestige Ozoniser just does that for you. The vegetables, fruits, grains, lentils, meat, etc get cleaned and purified with ozone purification technology.

High fiber foods are extremely good for the health of your intestines. They promote healthy and beneficial bacteria in the gut and suppress the growth of disease causing bacteria. A good intake of raspberries, broccoli, green peas, beans, chickpeas, whole grains,etc will encourage the growth of the beneficial bacteria.




Combination of Vegetable Oils

To get your optimal fat quality try your hand at using different cooking oils to cook your variety of foods. Go for Olive oil, Ghee, Groundnut oil, Sesame Oil, Mustard oil, etc but preferably cold pressed and unrefined oils. Get your cholesterol balance with a combination of cooking oils. You could enjoy cooking your favourite dishes using durable, high performance Omega Gold series nonstick cookware from Prestige, using minimum fat content.



Herbs to purify our mind, body and soul

Basil, Lemongrass, Parsley, Celery, Cilantro, Peppermint, Garlic, Ginger, Rosemary, Turmeric, etc are a myriad of herbs that extend their flavours to our food to benefit our health and to tantalise our taste buds. They are great in detoxification, to heal our common ailments like cold, sore throat, etc. 



Exercises - a gateway to health


  1. Exercises improve your agility and the energy levels.

  2. It keeps your body in shape and alleviates stress, anxiety and helps you sleep better.

  3. With exercise you maintain a fit body with a healthy weight. The resulting higher metabolic rate helps you to burn more calories even when you are not exercising.


Don’t forget to treat yourself to Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates which have 70% - 85% of cocoa are excellent for overall health. They keep your heart in great shape, make your skin glow with its sun protective qualities, is packed with minerals, antioxidants and significantly improves cognitive function too. The trick is to have it in moderation.



Health is Wealth

Health is about both physical and mental well being. Good health is about feeling fit and energetic, with the positive feeling of bouncing back to health when afflicted with an illness. Good digestion with the ability to use the energy within foodstuffs for robust functioning is a sure sign and feeling of good health.