Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar

The uniting bond of “Matrimony”


Is marriage about getting into wedlock with lot of noise in great extravaganza to experience all the attention? Or to check out how closely it is going to be matching with one of your favourite romantic movies? Well nothing lasts forever! Not the pampering, not the show, not the chain of family members who hover around you during the wedding ceremonies with squeals of laughter and mischief.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. The reality is to live a life together henceforth with the seasoning of love, affection and understanding. The bond of matrimony blooms along the way with effort, sacrifice, patience and sensibility.




What is marriage about?

You are no longer single! That is going to be the stark truth. You begin to dine with your better half now, not by yourself anymore. You no longer get to have your entire room to yourself which had always been your personal hangout. You don’t get to leave your wet used towel lying on the bed. You don’t get to mess your washroom and leave it as it is. You shop for two instead of one.

But are these really big issues to fuss on?



The whole picture in “Marriage”

The small things that seemed to be big begin to lose their lustre and now every small thing adds a lot more meaning in this beautiful relationship of commitment.

What is marriage about?

It is about coming back home to be together with someone who is always there for you. It is about starting a family together to invest all your love and care into it as a combined unit. It is about accepting another family as an extension of your own. It is about vacationing together to fulfill dreams together. It is about encouraging each other to grow as individuals to be better for each other with every passing day.




How to take care of this delicate bond that weathers you through thick and thin?

Respecting each other’s hopes and aspirations makes this bond stronger through times.

Admiring each other’s qualities and understanding where one falls short of something, the other balances it out with their innate quality. Together they would make great partners for life. There would be many instances where the love would exude in the form of support. Being there for your spouse in her times of trials and tribulations instead of judging and labelling her, will truly make this delicate bond stronger. For example encouraging your spouse to cook up a favourite dish to impress the new family members would help her to overcome her hesitation and challenge.


The secrets for a smooth journey

The journey of married life comes with bumps and obstacles, but the willingness to ride together and overcome the difficulties is what makes this relationship cherishable and joyful.

A few ways that you can show you care:

You could call your spouse's friends over for a meal and surprise your partner not only during special occasions but also to make an occasion special. You could accompany your spouse for his or her favourite movie even though you have the least interest in it and live every moment through. You could make your partner’s challenging diet into an interesting one by helping him or her sail through it to achieve the necessary goal. Make him or her feel very special.

You could encourage your better half to walk the mile when she is carrying even though she is not upto it. The enthusiasm and motivation would definitely help her to ride the challenging wave. Standing like a pillar of strength during times of sickness are the most unforgettable memories which bring you more closer to each other. Bringing in the newborn together is one of the most cherishable memories to remember during the dull times and laugh it out together.



Precious moments that are sensed by your spouse even before you get there

There are those special moments when you are going to breakdown and you find your spouse catching you before you begin to shed the first drop of tear.  Your understanding spouse tells you that it is okay to goof up because he can see you developing into a greater personality. One of those integrating times to see your spouse believing in you when you are doubting yourself.


When you go all your heart out

The life partner who watches his wife struggle in the morning when she is tussling with time would go all out to make life easy on her. Probably he might surprise her with an Induction cooktop with a compatible cooker and cookware.

When she is so good in multitasking, why wouldn’t the spouse go an extra mile to show how appreciative he is of her?

Toasting some crispy “Garlic Bread” for her to gorge on, to soothe her hunger pangs after a long tiring day is one of the best ways he might add a spark to those tired eyes. He might take care of the interrupting task of ordering the grocery list when she is in the shower trying to rush out to work on one of those busy mornings.

Or he might concoct up a delicious and refreshing smoothie for her when she comes back all sweaty and tired from a hectic shopping schedule.


Love is blind, to begin with but that adage becomes meaningful when we love our spouse with all our heart in spite of all the imperfections. There are taints and flaws in all of us, but relationships last forever when nourished with love, understanding, respect and care. Affectionate moments are endless especially one of those when your spouse tells you “ I Love You” when you wearing one of those cranky or volatile moods! “Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar” is a feeling that irons out all the wrinkles in this fabulous relationship of marriage that makes the couple wonder- don't this seem like yesterday and we have come a long way together.