Soothe your senses with baking


Baking is your creation, your concoction of love which brings on an infectious smile to satisfy forgivable and insatiable cravings after a sumptuous meal. This infectious smile can warm hearts during cold winters. What are you going to be upto? Would you drop in those miniscule magical chocolate chips or incorporate copious amount of juicy berries in your cake ? Would you choose to slither in honey instead of sugar or incorporate plums with more than a dash of wine or rum ? Fan the flames of your imagination to create pure and rich love. What is your excuse to whip up creamy and sweet concoction? A family gathering, a visiting close friend or to channelise your kids’ energy who reave havoc when they have nothing much to do?


The act of baking is amazingly therapeutic



It is an artistically orchestrated performance that calms your mind to a thrilling joyous moment. It is one performance where you are more thrilled than the audience itself. A calm soothing affair that cocoons your family into one harmonious amalgamation. It is simple. It takes your mind off the silly regular annoying events that might easily blow out of proportion which you tend to dwell upon.


Baking stimulates the senses




The feel of the flour, the waft of the baked goodies, the sight of the raised batter, the subtle transformation of colour of the bread or the cookies are totally delectable to our senses. And of course the smile on our cherished children or our elders who look forward to such treats on a cold winter evening.


Melt the frosting with the fire of your creation



Apart from the nourishing ingredients that go into a pastry, cake or cookie, a frosting ( sugar based soft mixture ) can transform the entire sweet meat by adding a new texture, flavour, colour and appearance to your delectable treat. Horizon is the limit to how you can play with your ingredients and challenge the colour effect to come out different with every single creation.


Nourishing your relationship



The icing on the cake is to repeatedly fall in love, that is the effect of baking together. Connecting with your partner by preparing a dish together can strengthen bonds in the kitchen. There is a positive flow of energy that is directed to create something together that makes the entire endeavour more cherishable and synergising. Discovering each other’s strengths during the process makes you fall in love more deeply with each other. How to win each other over by learning each other’s favourites can help to throw surprises on each other with love and affection. Learn your partner’s weakness for a particular dessert that can help you to lift his or her spirits up when he or she is feeling particularly low. You may be in for a surprise to discover that pineapple cake has been his or her all-time favourite when he or she kept ordering the black forest to appease you. Find out whether the complacent jelly that shakes itself down the gullet effortlessly or the mouth watering caramel custard is your partner’s favourite? Will it be the glazed and berrylicious cheesecake or will it take a chocolate truffle to straighten up a frowned brow? You will discover that everyday is a new day to unveil more and more secrets about your partner that would make this engaging journey more interesting. The recipe of luscious caramel custard can set hearts on fire. Take a close look at this recipe at Prestige Smart Chef. The Chocolava cake can melt hearts for a better union. 


Masterchef Bakers



Kids love to get their hands messy and what beautiful way than baking to make their experience more exhilarating! Kids love to cut out their favourite shapes using cookie cutters to chip in to make their sweet delights. Melting butter, chocolate and whipping flour, sugar and eggs can make them feel quite important and in charge. The little chocoholics can never turn down the offer of baking to be able to lick up every drop of the chocolate mixture till the mixing bowl is wiped clean. Watch them become master encyclopedias pretty soon when they become aware of quite a few ingredients at the back of their hand. Let your little pair of hands try out “Madeline's”. Oatmeal cookies for the health proficient hands and Brownie cake recipe for the sophisticated chocoholics.


Baking is about firing your creativity, sharpening your skills and at the same time moulding your being to share and love by preparing sweet delights to turn any occasion into a special one. It bonds the family together as values of contribution and responsibility become instilled within each family member to stay together through thick and thin always.