Choose healthy cooking this winter


This winter go for healthy cooking and include foods such that you get a good pool of nutrients to nourish your body and get satiated with a balanced diet. Get ready to challenge the winter air with great appliances like air fryers, oven toaster grillers and barbeque from Prestige.


Prestige Air Fryer:



What increases the calories of our favourite snacky foods? The butter on the bread, the oil in the chips or the creamy sauces that go into pastas. So let’s make the most of our favourite foods without piling up the unwanted calories by making the Air Fryer our chef. The Air Fryer comes with;



Rapid air technology:

That circulates hot air evenly around all sides of the food with pressure to give quality taste and texture while cooking it to perfection. A great advantage is that you don’t have to repeatedly flip the food over as you would normally do with conventional cooking.

Convenient air frying basket:

That adds convenience in accessing its food content, safety with a switch that turns the air fryer off when it is removed and the ability clean it effectively.

Preset cooking menu options:

That decode the heat and timer settings for you The digital display and soft touch control panel for convenience in operation and stylish looks.

Timer function:

Let you do other chores while the Air Fryer does the cooking. Temperature control to get precision for that perfect crispy texture. An integrated air filter keeps the odour away from your kitchen.

Basket Accessories:

The cake basket accessories and the separator allow you to make delightful baked treats without any hassle.


The biggest advantage of the Prestige Air Fryer is that you enjoy fried foods cooked with upto 80% less fat content compared to the oil deep fried ones. So get in those deep fried foods back on your wishlist like the samosas, french fries, banana chips, etc which you had sadly neglected upon with the scare of the mounting calories. Air fry amazing starters and swoon the winter evenings to a gratifying touch with Murg Potli Kebab , Shammi Kebab and Golden Fried Chicken being at the helm of the menu

The Air Fryer is a baker’s delight too. Make delicious oat mal cookies, madel or even a brownie cake for those special winter treats.


Prestige Multi Utility Air Fryer



This is one Air Fryer that is a breadmaker too. It air fries, bakes, grills and roasts food items in a healthy way. Multi grain breads and other baker’s delights are cooked with sheer pleasure using this multi tasker. Some of the added features of the Multi Utility Air Fryer are;




It is designed like a mini oven giving you better access for certain kind of recipes

Heat resistant glass :

The heat resistant glass of the Multi Utility Air Fryer allows you to check on the food being cooked without opening the door.

Bread making basket :

The bread making basket allows you to make various kinds of bread.

Frying basket :

The frying basket is also included to help you fry those crispy smacky snacks.

Removable tray :

The removable tray at the bottom allows easy cleaning which collects the dripping fat from the grilled items

Grill tray :

The grill tray is again designed for even placing of food and easy cleaning too.


Check out the recipes that are prepared with ease using the Multi Utility Air Fryer. Art of making “Cherry Cake”, making “Wheat Bread”  and “Kurkuri Bhindi” .


Prestige Oven Toaster Griller:



The Oven Toaster Griller fits into your contemporary kitchen to elegantly grill, bake and toast optimally to safeguard your health. It confidently allows you to throw pizza parties with its huge capacity and churn out various baking, roasting or grilling delights to warm up those winter gatherings and your taste buds. The Prestige ‘OTG’ is packed with the following features;


  • Stay cool handles that always take care of your precious hands.
  • Wide glass door that allows you to glance at how deliciously your food is turning out.
  • The drop down crumb tray makes your cleaning chore very easy to go back to using it again and again with a fresh start.
  • The heater select control is about the 4 efficient stainless heaters, 2 each located on the roof and bottom of the oven to optimise cooking for even browning, toasting, baking and grilling.
  • The cooking tray allows you to bake your delicacies like samosas, cutlets, kebabs, potato wedges to a tasty and crispy texture.
  • The temperature control lends a total control over your oven cooking without you being bound to its cooking.
  • The Timer makes you independent too, when you can entertain your family and friends with your oven companion cooking for you and announcing its accomplishment.
  • The Rotisserie holds your variety of flavoured and marinated meats to cook them uniformly by rotating steadily during the process. This allows the meat to cook beautifully in its own juices and letsyou to baste them from time to time.


Toast your nuts, bake your eggs with parmesan, grill your meats, roast your asparagus and other favourite vegetables, bake your cakes and pasta with a robust oven offering its services for a feast.It is time to try your hand at a few recipes to sharpen your culinary skills with your Oven Toaster Griller. Check out “ Kesari Paneer Malai Tikka”, “Grilled Shrimp Lemongrass Skewers”, and of course the “ Cream Cheese Puffs” at .


Prestige Barbeque



Slow cooking over a bed of hot coals can fire up a dull winter evening. Pleasant winters with lengthy evenings and nights call for barbecue treats with friends and family. Prestige barbeque is a unique appliance made with a host of features that encourage you to barbeque.

  • It is a portable device that is very easy to assemble with its foldable legs at the choice of your location. It may be your terrace, your balcony, your lawn or your favourite campsite.
  • Grill, roast and baste with your choicest sauces, marinades and of course with your choice of healthy cooking oil, a host of delicate meats, paneer and vegetables.
  • The unique Air Damper lets out the smoke and extra heat while letting in enough oxygen to barbecue your select foods.
  • The warming rack allows you to distribute your food with enough spacing to lend uniform and even cooking.
  • Use tongs and spatulas that allow flipping over the grilling ingredients without piercing them while turning them over, so that you don’t lose out on the delicious juices that make them tender and succulent.


So what are you cooking this winter on your barbecue? Check out these recipes that may entertain your close ones. “Bannu Kebab”, “Chicken Seekh Kabab” and “Kebab Ruksand”.


The art of cooking culminates in healthy lifestyle when you have smart appliances to choose from. With innovative appliances at your disposal, you try to get innovative with your recipes too. It takes a bit of planning as to what variety of food you would make a part of your menu, which would make interesting meals at home to please every member of your family. This winter stays active and participative before you realize you would have embraced a healthy lifestyle already.