The True Spirit of Republic Day



The True Spirit of Republic Day

The dream of becoming an independent republic turned into reality on 26th January 1950 for India 68 years ago. Today our nation celebrates the Republic day with pride and dignity paying respect to the soldiers on this day who have laid down their lives for our cherished citizens to breathe with peace on our soil.


Republic Day - Empowering the Citizens



The constitution that came into effect on this day gave Indian citizens the power to govern themselves by choosing their own government.


Events of the grand celebration



Grand parades are held in New Delhi and state capitals that charge the atmosphere with electrifying emotions of patriotism. The tricolour flag is unfurled fervently today, each colour’s significance reinforcing the values of strength, courage, peace, truth and auspiciousness into our fabric of being. The crowd cheers in pleasure when the hovering helicopters shower rose petals on them when they fly past the celebration arena. The National Folk dance festival weave their magic and enthrall the audience every year around this joyous occasion.


So are we actually celebrating the true spirit of independent India today?



Does just celebrating this day on a grand scale mark the end of the day? Let’s recharge that patriotic feeling of safeguarding our country’s interests on this day - be it economic, social, cultural or environmental for a nation equipped with health, success and happiness.


India ihas shackledin the growing menace of air pollution to the extent that it dulls the true spirit of independence. So what better day than the Republic Day to begin initiatives and implement the drive towards a “Clean Air” environment. This becomes an individual responsibility rather than just resting it on the government’s shoulders. After all we are independent citizens with hopes and aspirations that can see the light of the day with our efforts. Our present day is marred with such a quantum of air pollution that children and the elders are the more susceptible population affected by lung issues that did not exist in our wildest imaginations. So then what would the future be like? It sends a shiver down your spine at the very thought of it. So lets shrug that shiver away and get to work.


Let’s make sure we are moving in the direction towards “ Clean Air Environment” Taking power usage for granted poses a grave problem.



  • Burning gas for luxurious use or using electricity insensitively do contribute to our environmental pollution.
  • Switch of lights, fans, Air Conditioners with thoughtful usage. To run dishwashers and washing machines with complete loads will ensure to save a lot of power. Imagine multiple homes working towards conserved power usage will make a huge difference.


Use less fuel when it comes to our external environment



  • Don’t burn garden waste, rather convert it into compost and use it for your vegetable patch.
  • Ensure your car tyres are always well inflated which will make it more efficient consuming lesser fuel. It goes easy on the environment and on your pocket too.
  • Regular service of your vehicles will make them work efficiently with conservative usage of fuel. It will affect the environment less hazardously.
  • Switch off your car engine when you are waiting at a signal or stuck in traffic jams. The environment is much less polluted with this simple gesture.
  • Choose to walk small distances, use more of the public transport system, plan carpools to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and also to decrease the amount of emissions into the air.
  • Periodic emission testing of vehicles ensures least amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere again.


Now how can we safeguard our indoor environment?


Let’s pay a humble heed to our conveniences today that haven’t got noticed in this light. Usage of appliances that reduce the load on power are a part of our fast paced lifestyle today. Prestige has revolutionised its efforts in bringing forth its innovative kitchen appliances and cleaning solutions to our homes that not only make our life easy but also safeguards our environment at the same time.


Check out the appliances that go easy on power usage



  • The Electric Kettle automatically switches off when the water starts boiling.
  • Mixer grinders come to a halt with the increased load so that there is the protection of the appliance and also to prevent unnecessary drawing of power.
  • The Induction cooktop adjusts the power usage with its automatic voltage regulator as per the size of the utensil.
  • Tattva Water Purifiers deliver pure water rich in minerals that do not depend on electricity.
  • The rechargeable portable LED Lantern also shuts off automatically when it is plugged in for charging once it gets recharged completely.
  • Prestige Hob tops with its Italian make SABAF burners conserve gas usage with its uniform heating with minimal gas consumption.
  • The glass top gas tables of various models again have efficient burners for conservative use of gas.
  • Chimneys again rid our kitchen of unwanted smoke and odours to keep it fresh and clean taking care of our health.
  • Pressure Cookers cook fast to give you nourishing meals saving a lot of energy.
  • Air Purifiers directly contribute to clear our home space of health hazardous pollutants and allergens with its advanced HEPA Filter. Disease-causing germs are eliminated, safeguarding your family’s health. It gives an alert when it is time to replace your filter so that it continues to serve you with efficiency with minimal power usage.


Environmental issues are well recognized today. Many nations are grappling under its destructive effects. Today survival and sustenance are the issues. Workplaces and schools are affected by the sick building syndrome due to air pollutants within closed doors causing reduced efficiency and undermining symptoms of eye, nose, throat irritations. So government initiatives have to be implemented vigorously along with fruitful public co-operation. Our personal contributions would see us to a bright and healthy future. It is time to take a pledge this Republic Day to face this challenge with strength and courage drawing inspiration from the saffron colour of the national flag to move towards a green, fertile and purer environment as the green colour of our flag indicates.