This New Year lets detox life



This New Year - let’s detox life


The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. So before we walk down the path of the new year, we need to understand which are the tunes, melodies and rhythms that would add a bounce to our step and help us progress towards our goals. Get out of your comfort zone, that’s when life truly begins. It is not difficult to ruminate over instances that made us joyous or that added chaos to our being. Let’s see what are the changes we can make that would make us happier.


Happiness is about getting organised



  • Running errands regularly for home instead of not being available.
  • Taking your dog for a walk first thing in the morning.
  • Planning your agenda and being on time, etc
  • Rummaging through your closet and desk before you leave for work can be pretty unnerving. Making room only for your necessary items and organizing them can build your skill set to make life easy and less stressful.


Dietary choices that would streamline your life



Let us look at the choices that sway us into temptations from time to time. 

  • A heavy breakfast or a berrylicious smoothie with chia seeds?

  • Fried Chicken, Fish or barbecued meat?

  • Buttermilk, Lassi or Sprite?

  • Green Tea or Regular Tea or Coffee?

  • Roomali Roti or Wheat Chapati?


The old year has passed ushering in the new year, leaving behind old memories, regrets and habits. To begin a fresh start, we should be ready to make a change.

  • Begin your day with a good detox drink on empty stomach - combine 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with a tablespoon of honey in a cup of lukewarm water.

  • Include a lot of Fruits, Vegetables and seeds in your diet to cleanse your colon - Watermelon, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, spinach, celery, chia seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds are great cleansers of your gut to throw out toxins and clogged up waste from your body.

  • Drink a couple of glasses of water first thing in the morning- Your body functions with a new surge of energy. Your digestion begins with a vigorous start.



Bring harmony and balance to your life



Make these changes to your daily routine to energise your life;

  • Pay heed to that alarm and get going for that early morning brisk walks or yoga.
  • The art of deep breathing- Calms and soothes your mind, flushes out the toxins from your body and kick starts your metabolism.

  • Sleeping in and waking up around the same time every day-  keeps you energized for a fresh start. Keeps exhaustion and fatigue away.

  • Get out in the sun- Sunlight rejuvenates you and gets rid of lethargy.

  • Exercise - The feel-good hormones are released with regular exercise, helping you to reduce stress levels and mood swings.


The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.



Elevate someone’s sunken spirits with the most unassuming deed.  An act of kindness can elevate you to an exhilarating peak that is incomparable to the joy attained for one own self. For example;

  • Sneaking into your sibling’s room and being up all night with him when he is having a nervous breakdown before a tough exam.

  • Preparing one of the most relished desserts as a surprise for your loved one.

  • Generously giving away any article that is of great importance to somebody who least expected it. 

  • Give away a bag of chips to a child at a traffic signal who is eyeing it longingly. Watch the sheer joy spread on the child’s face with your act of compassion.


Checking on your setbacks with a calm and patient demeanour


Run a regular checkup so that you can make course corrections;

  • Was the commitment not taken seriously?

  • Was there a lack of consistency?

  • Were you guided or directed properly?

  • Was there impatience in waiting for the fruits; changing course and tactics frequently?


The biggest issue with all of us is that we got very bothered about falling or failing. Let us understand that it is unavoidable to fall but it is important to get back up with vigour and enthusiasm to continue in this journey called life.



Pay a “Special tribute” to yourself. You are totally worth it!



Pamper yourself every time you succeed a goal that you had set. Go to your favourite spa or take an off to your one day picnic spot that you had so longed for. Buy yourself an expensive pair of jeans or boots that you keep admiring through the window. Or just treat yourself to a buffet spread that had long not been visited. Summon every force in nature to make this year very special because you have worked passionately to make your dreams come true.


An endeavor that does not reap results is not the end of your achievements, but a beginning to steer in another direction for something that you deserved better. The lesson learnt in the previous efforts makes your next opportunity fruitful. So go all out and dive into your new aspirations with charm and vigour and see yourself surfacing out through all challenges with a new found vitality. The “New Year” is calling to bring you great health, fortune and happiness.