New Beginning with Prestige



New Beginning with Prestige


We live in the age of competition. Impressive corporate jobs come with demands of multitasking. A con calls while brisk walking or working on a laptop while travelling are commonplace.


The adoption of the truly fast-paced lifestyle brings with it an increase in stress due to heavy work pressure. Due to the absence of timely eating everyone is facing conditions like uneasiness, chronic neck pain, back pain, diabetes, obesity, vitamin D deficiency and son on. The current environment we live in requires certain initiatives for a refreshing life.


Keep a safety box of healthy food



Devoting time and attention to what we eat is very important. In today’s fast paced world, eating on time and eating well is no longer a priority when it comes to one’s professional life. A safety food box can come in handy at these times. Snacks that are easy to cook, nutritious and can be consumed without a fuss are what should go into this box.


Prestige smart appliances and cookware  incorporate innovative technology to help you save time and yet prepare a nutritious meal. Modular, Innovative and with great aesthetics, Prestige products are your go to cookware for all occasions. Choose products that fit your lifestyle the best from the wide range offered by Prestige;




The Prestige Air fryer helps you fry with negligible oil and comes with great automation features. It uses superheated air that is circulated all around the food to prepare low-fat meals. The air fryer can be used to make recipes like Banana Cutlets, Fish and Chips, Finger Chips, Tandoori Chicken, Banana Chips and much more.



Prestige Barbecute is an extraordinary product designed for mobility and convenience. Use it at the location of your choice, the pool, the garden or the terrace and grill delicious and healthy like Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Murg, Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Fish etc.



Prestige Mixer Grinder multiple jars for all your needs and requires special mention for the uniquely crafted blades for grinding traditional masalas easily. That apart, you can use it for grinding, blending and juicing as well. The Prestige Mixer Grinder with its aesthetic design and vibrant colours add a touch of style to your kitchen while making cooking convenient.




Prestige Hand Blender is one of the handiest products ideals for light work. Prestige Hand Blenders come with high standards of performance, design, quality and convenience. Squash, chop, blend or whip in a jiffy with this smart appliance.



Prestige Toaster is ideal for cooking when you are in a rush for office. With the timer based popup functionality, you can focus on other chores as your bread gets that crispy brown crust.



Quick Cooking with Prestige



In order to cope with our hectic lifestyles and our need to continuously multi-task, Prestige Appliances are must for your kitchen.


Get healthy, get smart with Prestige.


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