The Journey of Nakshatra





The year 2006 saw the launch of inner lid range of pressure cookers by Prestige under the brand name of “Nakshatra”. The first nakshatra pressure cookers were an innovative and unique 'handi shaped' and came in 4 vibrant colors - green, red, hammertone black, and silver. The customer feedback was extremely positive and encouraging and this product became an instant success which catapulted TTK Prestige as a serious competitor in the inner lid segment. The traditional straight wall aluminium pressure cookers were launched next. 


In 2009, Prestige was the first to introduce inner lid induction bottom pressure cookers. This was a revolutionary introduction and made the pressure cooker - induction cook top compatible. In the same year, the cute “green colour apple pressure cooker” won Prestige the Elle Decor Design award.



In 2013, Prestige launched Nakshatra plus Stainless Steel range of pressure cookers with induction bottom. And in 2014 prestige launched Nakshatra alpha range of Stainless Steel pressure cookers with full plate induction base which are 30% more energy efficient than regular induction base pressure cookers. In 2015 Prestige launched the Nakshatra Cute range of cookers which actually look 'irresistably cute'



The inner lid pressure cookers are all manufactured in state of the art manufacturing plants at Coimbatore and Roorkee under stringent quality and safety measures, to stand the test of time. 


To celebrate the 10 year long journey of Nakshatra, consumers can avail of a special anniversary offer where purchase of a pressure cooker of your choice gets you an electric kettle free.  Check out the Prestige Super Saver Offer 2017 pricelist available with the Prestige Smart Kitchen stores for full details.


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