Prestige Slow Juicer 3.0


Everyone today is conscious about their health and nutrition. Fruit and vegetable juices have become an essential part of the new healthy diet, particularly juices that are extracted using cold press(slow) juicers. The slow juicing technology is about maximum juice extraction with bare minimum heat generation during the juicing process. The Prestige Slow Juicer PSJ 3.0 which provides nutrient rich delicious fresh juices, fits the bill.


The PSJ 3.0 is an elegant and sleek juicer which is easy to operate and clean. Soft to hard fruits, vegetables, herbs, greens, grasses, etc are juiced with slow juicing technology and efficiency.  Its advanced design sieve ensures longer and trouble free life of the juicer. The large detachable pulp separator collects the pulp of the fruits and vegetables being juiced so that the juicing process continues without obstruction. It can easily extract juice from;

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Herbs

  • Greens

  • Grasses

  • Nuts

  • Stems


There is no foaming, oxidation or separation of the juices being extracted and the quality of the nutrients remain intact allowing you to store the juice even up to 72 hours. Compared to regular centrifugal juicers the extracted fibre rich juice from a slow juicer is distinctly fresh and wholesome.


Some salient features of the Prestige Slow Juicer PSJ 3.0;

  • Wide mouth allows you to introduce a good amount of cut ingredients at one time.

  • Smaller cut ingredients are juiced thoroughly and slowly giving you nutrient dense juice for better digestion, weight loss and immunity.

  • Powerful motor maintains consistent and uniform speed providing for scrupulous juicing of all ingredients.

  • It can operate continuously for 30 minutes with ease.

  • The thermal overload protector gives the juicer durability with no unwanted overheating perils.

  • A unique interlocking safety system that allows the juicer to switch on only when the lid is secured in the right position.

  • No need to disassemble the juicer to extract juice from the next batch of ingredients. Just rinse with water and continue with the process.

  • The extracted juice is collected in a glass with a neat spout of the juice tap, giving you pure juice without foam. The flow is regulated with the carefully designed spout.


Milk your soybeans, a variety of soaked nuts, prepare ice creams from frozen fruits like bananas, etc and enjoy 35% more yield from this slow juicer when compared to any of the other conventional juicers.


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