Prestige Multiutility Air Fryer

The craving for fried food among Indians never dies out. These days with a lot of baked and grilled cuisines entering our platter, ignoring the heart melting pizzas, cakes and pastries is something which few people can resist. Be it a small party, a get-together or evening snacks we can never take these items out of the menu. But we can make it with a healthy twist.

Considering our consumer’s love for food as well as health consciousness, Prestige brings to you a revolutionary product in the Smart Kitchen segment. Prestige Multi Utility Air Fryer PMAF 1.0 - 2.2 is a mesmerizing product from TTK Prestige Ltd. that takes care of our health as well as a love for a variety of recipes.

PMAF 1.0 is an air fryer, bread maker and OTG, all in one. The air fryer does not require oil and cooks food with the help of the Air Frying Technology where hot air is circulated around food making the food crispy and delicious. The nutritive index of the food is kept intact as no deep frying takes place but the food becomes toothsome. The same Air fryer can be used to bake, grill and roast your favourite food items according to your needs. You can easily make a variety of food items through this advanced fryer, enlisting from crunchy crisp potato chips, spicy lip smacking chicken, mouth-watering fish, cakes and bread at home.


Some of its salient features include its portable design and sleek controls with easy operations and handling. The timer and temperature control helps in cooking different types of food based on one’s requirements. Preset Menus for bread making, grilling and baking  give you the freedom to automate the process of cooking for a large variety of recipes without any supervision. The Oil and Smoke Filter prevents smoke and unwanted odors,  keeping your kitchen smell fresh and clean. The Frying basket and the Crumb basket are very convenient to clean and are Dishwasher safe. To know more about this Prestige Multi Utility Air Fryer PMAF 1.0 - 2.2 please visit a nearby store or visit the Products section of 

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