Clip-On SS Handi


The new Clip-on Stainless Steel Handi is sure to take you by surprise with its highly versatile usage and an extremely safe built up.

This new prestige pressure cooker comes with a lid that can be placed in any position and be closed safely. And yes, this lid comes with pressure indicator that also acts as a lock ensuring maximum safety while pressure cooking. This prestige pressure cooker range is modular by design, meaning you can use the same unique lid on all the utensils in this range. What's more, this even comes with a unique glass lid which can be used to serve to sauté, steam, fry, boil and pressure cook. This is the only cooker range your kitchen will ever need.

The unique, heavy Alpha Base Induction bottom ensures uniform and consistent cooking, giving you the right flavours and texture to your nutritious food. Use this fuel-efficient cookware on a conventional gas stove or an Induction cooktop.

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