Prestige Air-fryer 4.0


Who says ‘what's tasty can't be healthy’?

Now eating healthy doesn't have to be giving up any more. Prestige 4.0 with 2.2 Lts.capacity, Airfryer is the go-to appliance for the health conscious.  Devour your munchies without guilt as the AirFryer cooks it all for you with 80% less fat. It does not require oil and cooks your food with hot air.

It's automatically programmed to switch off when the food is cooked. Thus, spare you from fears of overcooking and blazing your food.  Easy to control knobs, help to cook food at the desired temperature for a specific duration of time.  In-built filter assimilates the smell and smoke produced amid the way toward cooking and ensures a clean and healthy surrounding.

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