Prestige Mega Exchange Festival


Take advantage of the Prestige Mega Exchange Festival and add a new dimension to your kitchen with the latest innovations in the world of kitchen. The Prestige Mega Exchange Festival brings an unbelievable offer that allows you to exchange any old product (cookware or appliance) in any condition and of any brand with a brand new Prestige product at fantastic discounts.


The Prestige Mega Exchange offer gives you a chance to upgrade your kitchen with the latest and innovative Prestige products without having to shell out a fortune. All you need to do is pick all your kitchen appliances that you wish to upgrade and walk into the nearest Prestige store.


You can buy the latest Prestige products at a discounted price by simply exchanging your old appliance. Get a new pressure cooker or a Clip On for an old worn out the pressure cooker. An old cookware(Tawa, fry pan, casserole…) can be exchanged for the Teflon coated non-stick cookware or the new granite range of cookware, a mixer for the new automatik or racer mixer and so on.


A brand new cookware for the old worn out one; could an exchange offer get any more exciting?

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