The Next Generation Kitchen Hood - AKH DB900


Prestige presents the new Kitchen Hood AKH DB900 that is invaluable for removing the smoke and odour from your kitchen efficiently for fresh and healthy air. Its special features are tough through and help in providing the best of health and cleanliness.


  • Chimney:  The chimney is specially designed to value your health along with high efficiency. The angular suction technology sucks out the stale air, smoke and grime, with its intake vents maintained at an angle by up to 1000 cubic metres per hour.

  • Auto Clean by Heat: There is no need to manually remove the filter to clean it from time to time. It has an inbuilt heater that melts away the trapped grime and dirt effectively with its auto clean heat technology.

  • Powerful LED: The powerful LED lamps shed light on the food being cooked to have the pleasure of a joyful culinary experience.

  • Feather Touch Control: The feather touch control buttons enable smooth handling of the hood. The 3-speed control gives you the choice to control the efficacy of the chimney.

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