Spread Love, Spread Humanity


Make a Difference

Make a difference into someone's life as your simple & small gesture could do wonders. And remember, generosity is contagious.


Spread Love

Spread what the world severely lacks. And Charity is a good way to prove that Love & Humanity still exists.


Experience Pleasure

As per Psychology Today, the ones who give charity & offer help others are more likely to have a positive life.


Join A Cause

Help an NGO or an Organization fight Immoral & Illicit in society. Can't give - No Problem. Just Volunteer!

Hope Rekindled - At Last, At Least

A Part of Yours, I carry now in my Heart
When you gladdened our day with your simple Act of Kindness
When you offered love, And made a Family Outside
Not in Blood, But in Name
And Left A Legacy Behind for the Others To Follow

You proffered Comfort & Concern
When it was Least Expected,
After the Days went Hungry & Nights awry
After the Days went Unpleasing & Nights Freezing

Your's Name will Reminisce Now & Forever
For You came forward and Others Cowered
For You Moved the Millenials
For You, And Always You - Today, Tomorrow & Forever

Diwali - Conquer Darkness with Dazzle


Go Traditional

Choose Handmade Earthen, Traditional Diwali Diyas from the local counters.


Gift Green

Celebrate the moment by gifting eco-friendly items such plants, jute products, khadi clothing, etc.


Eco-Friendly Rangolis

Use Natural colours instead of the synthetic ones. Use colourful food & grains to feed the birds. No Wastage!


Cut the Noise to A Minimum

If it's possible, cut the noise to a minimum. Maybe a Community Cracker Burning could work!

Diwali Trivia

We've got the #Diwali Trivia you would love to binge! So, how much you know about the much-awaited festive season of Diwali. Test your smarts & knowledge with these witty & amusing #DiwaliQuiz.

Sweet Escape - The Smooth & Silky Dessert for Diwali

Family gatherings spread the joy of love, happiness that wants us to adjust and go to great lengths to keep us together. Sweet delicacies at home Diwali is the time to get into naughty skirmishes when a widespread of sweet treats are prepared at home. Dry Fruit Besan Laddoo, Shakarkandi Halwa (pudding like Indian dessert made from Sweet potato ), Peanut Laddus made from peanuts, khoya, milk and poppy seeds, the popular Kaju Katli, etc can satisfy your unrelenting sweet cravings during Diwali.