Upgrade with exchange and get a better deal! Add a new dimension to your kitchen with the latest innovations in the world of kitchen from Prestige Anything for Anything. An unbelievable offer to exchange any old product (cookware or appliance) of any brand, in any condition and choose your new latest product and avail fantastic discounts. A brand new cookware for the old worn out one; Could an exchange offer get any more exciting?

It's your chance to upgrade your kitchen with the latest and innovative Prestige products without having to shell out a fortune.

All you need to do is, pick all your kitchen appliances that you wish to upgrade and walk into the nearest Prestige store.You can buy the latest Prestige products for an exchange of your old appliances with utmost ease.


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Get More For Less! Prestige "Mega Exchange Festival" Spoils you with choice and better price.


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Exchange your old cookware or appliance for a brand new Prestige product.




Apart from cash and card payments select Prestige Xclusive outlets also offer smart EMI on purchases above Rs 3000 to their customers


Now redeem your bank's rewards points at Prestige Xclusive


Max Get More Terms & Conditions: The accrual of additional Max Get More reward points is not applicable for payments made by cash or any other mode of payment except Participating Banks' Debit Card or Credit Card. Redemption of Max Get More Reward points cannot be exchanged for cash.

The above additional payment options are available only at select Prestige Xclusive outlets. Please visit the online store locator to locate the nearest Prestige Xclusive outlet near you.


What is Anything for Anything Exchange Offer?

Prestige Anything for Anything Exchange is an offer that lets you exchange your old Appliances and Cookware of any brand, with brand new Appliances and Cookware from Prestige at a discounted price.

Can I buy any product in exchange for any other product?

Old exchange products that can be returned against a new product at a discounted price, should be from the following category: Aluminium & Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker, Aluminium Non-Stick Cookware, Gas Stoves, Mixer Grinders, Induction Cooktop, Rice Cookers, Chimney, Hobs, Electrical Kitchen Appliances, Water Purifiers and Electrical Cleaning Solutions. All Returned Products should have no missing parts.

How many products can I exchange?

Only one product can be exchanged for each product purchased at a discounted price.

How long is the exchange offer valid?

Prestige Anything for Anything Exchange Offer campaign is valid from 16th April to 30th June 2019.

On which price is the exchange discount applicable?

The Exchange discount is applicable only on the current MRP of the product. In case the store has old MRP stocks - refer to the price list for correct exchange price. Exchange offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer scheme that may be available during the exchange offer period. The exchange price depends on the items purchased and old items returned. Eg: If you buy a 2L Popular Pressure Cooker in exchange of 10L Popular Pressure Cooker, the actual discount is Rs. 420 on Mrp. For complete exchange offer prices and eligible product for exchange please refer to anything for anything exchange offer price list available at select dealer outlets and Prestige Exclusive Stores.

Is it compulsory to buy only on exchange during Anything for Anything Offer Period ?

No. You can avail brand new Prestige range of products at a discounted price, even if you do not have an old product to exchange. Although the discount percentage is higher on exchange products during the offer period.

How many products can I exchange and Is the offer available only for in-store purchase or online too?

Only one product can be exchanged for each product purchased at a discounted price. The offer is available only in physical stores. It is not valid on purchases made online.

This site is for information purpose only. For complete scheme details refer to the price list available at the store or refer to modes of payment terms and conditions on the website.

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Condition Apply​. All discounts on M.R.P. only. Available only in select dealer outlets. The exchange price depends on the items purchased and old items returned. For eg. If you buy a 2 ltr. Popular Pressure Cooker in exchange for a 10 ltr. Aluminium Pressure Cooker, the actual discount is `475. For actual exchange offer prices please refer to Anything For Anything exchange offer Price List available at select dealer outlets. Old items that can be returned: Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers, Aluminium Cookware (minimum 400 gms of vessel weight). Gas stoves (minimum 2 burners), Mixer Grinders (old mixer grinder should have body with motor and two stainless steel jars), Induction Cooktops, Rice Cookers, Chimneys, Hobs, OTG’s, Kettle, Toasters, Iron, Microwave Oven, Juicers and Blenders.