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Kitchen Chimneys are one of the key essential appliances for your kitchen these days.In today’s busy life, we do not get too much time to clean up the kitchen on day to day basis.

While cooking Grease (oil droplets), hot air, odour, smoke is generated. Indian cooking is more oily, and we use frying and deep frying which generates even more grease. This fume if not removed efficiently, mixes with dust and becomes grime which is very difficult to remove. This will settle on the ceiling and kitchen cabinets and over time makes the kitchen dirty. Exhaust fan is not effective in removing the fumes before the oil particles settle on the walls and cabinets. It is easier to buy a hood than to clean the ceiling walls and cabinets every day

Prestige is India’s No.1 kitchen appliance brand. It is India’s largest kitchen appliances company catering to the needs of home makers in the country. Prestige Kitchen Hood has been carefully designed, manufactured and tested so as to give you trouble free service. After all, it is from TTK Prestige Limited – a trusted name in kitchenware for generations and the largest kitchenware company in India.

We are sure that you will be most relieved with prestige Chimneys, as this will help you in keeping the kitchen smoke free and oil free.

Products Range

Angular Suction With AutoClean
This Prestige Kitchen Hood comes with next generation angular suction technology. Not only it is super-efficient but is good for health too, as the angular suction features in the chimney ensures you don’t inhale the harmful fumes.
Auto Clean
Auto Clean Designer Series

Auto clean designer series shall basically help you in getting rid of the oil particles from kitchen chimney itself, without human intervention.

Designer Series

Designer Series will help you resist the heat with beautiful tempered glass canopy. Also it comes with and mirror finished hood that adds elegance to your kitchen along making making your kitchen smoke free.

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