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A studious blend of German technology and a design to suit Indian cooking, the Prestige Stunner 4 Zone Built-In Induction is built to hike your cooking experience by several notches. The stylish and sleek induction cooktop comes with 4 cooking zones, smart slide temperature control, timer function and also added safety with the child lock system. This cooktop has been thoughtfully designed to suit the Indian cooking needs with pre-set Indian cooking menu options.

Feature Set


Smart Slider

Slide control lets you set the right temperature with a gentle touch of your finger. Not only this Safety lock which when activated prevents the hob from being accidentally turned on.

Feature Set

Indian Menu Presets

It has been designed keeping the Indian cooking preferences in mind so as to make it adaptable for the Indian kitchens.

Feature Set

Break Resistant

Prestige Stunner 4 Zone Built-In Induction is equipped with the break-resistant and scratch-proof ceramic tops manufactured by SCHOTT Ceran, the world's best glass manufacturers base out of Germany.

Feature Set

Components from E.G.O

Prestige Stunner has further been fortified with internal components by E.G.O,the world leaders in induction technology which grant the cooktop lifelong beauty and functionality.

Feature Set

Best in Class. Stylish.

Prestige Stunner 4 Zone Built-In Induction has been augmented with German Schott glass and high- tech components from E.G.O that render it a world class supremacy over any other cooktop in its class. Indian cooking menu presets and the smart slide temperature control at your fingertips make way for the best ever cooking experience. With all these features studded into the cooktop, you don't just cook; you rather cook with class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are induction cooktops safe?

Induction cooktops are the safest kitchen appliances. Because of the electromagnetic fields that are created by the induction cooktops cooking surface never gets hot, only the pan is heated depending on the temperature you set.

Do built-In induction cooktops save energy?

Since there is no wasted heat as the provided heat does not flow up from the burner around the pot. The induction cooktops are energy efficient as they use up to 90% of the electric energy converted to heat, while gas cooktops lost up to 60% of the cooking heat. Moreover the appliance will automatically switch off if it is left ‘ON’ without attention for a long time.

Do built-In induction cooktop need special pans?

Like all induction cooktops Stunner built-In induction cooktop also requires an induction compatible vessel which is now easily available in the market. You can also use cast iron, enamel cast iron, and many types of stainless steel cookware on this cooktop.

Are built-In induction cooktops better than gas?

Induction cooktops are better than gas burners. First of all, the induction appliances are safe because gas cooktops produce fire as a source of heat. They are also fuel efficient and consume less energy which in turn makes them less time consuming.

Are built-In induction cooktops easy to clean?

Yes, induction cooktops are extremely easy to clean. Unlike the gas burners you don't have to follow a weekly deep cleaning regime. Wiping the surface with a clean damp cloth will keep your cooktop looking as good as new. Before cleaning, make sure that the appliance is cool. Do not clean the appliance when it is hot.

What vessels should i not use on my cooktop?

Pots or vessels made of ceramic, aluminum, copper or heat-resistant glass; compound base pots mainly made of aluminum copper (e.g. aluminum compound base pots) as well as those with base diameter less than 12 cm or over 26cm.

Comparison Chart


1. Heating
2. Safety
3. Cleaning
4. Convenience


Heats faster and distributes heat more evenly.
Completely safe to use as the surface heats up only when a steel or iron element comes in contact.
Very easy to clean as the surface is flat.
Comes with cooking presets and programmable temperature controls.

Gas Stove

Energy is wasted because most of the heat escapes into the surrounding atmosphere.
Inflammable and thus dangerous. Can cause burns.
Difficult to clean especially the grease and bits of food that can get under the controls.
The temperature has to be controlled manually, hence you need to have expertise of cooking on gas stoves.

How to Use



Place Vessele

Place Vessel


Select Zone

Swipe to select cooking level